Natural Bedtime Beauty Routine

Natural Bedtime Beauty Routine

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Establishing a bedtime beauty routine that works for you is not the easiest thing to do. However, don’t be desperate – there are some essential steps you should take in order to pamper your skin to the max and wake up refreshed. It gets even better when your routine is based on natural products and ingredients that are fantastic for your health and overall well-being. Stay with us and find out something more about natural bedtime beauty routine your skin will absolutely adore.

Drink some tea

Drinking tea before going to sleep can be extremely beneficial for your body and health, since it can easily put you in a peaceful state of mind that is highly required for bedtime. Just make sure that you have chosen the one without caffeine, because it will help you fall asleep much faster. A combination of ginger and honey may be just the right one for you – ginger is well-known as an ingredient that improves digestion and helps in cleansing your body, which is exactly what you need before a good night’s sleep.

Do a facial steam

A facial steam will open up your pores, thus helping all the dirt and excessive oil to come out much easier. Needless to say, these can easily cause some serious breakouts or irritation if you don’t deal with them properly. Aside from that, a good bedtime steam will help you calm down and relax after a long day at work. Just give it a try and you will see an instant improvement. Here is one extra tip: try chamomile and enjoy its marvellous properties!

Natural Bedtime Beauty Routine 2

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As you already know, you should never go to bed with your makeup on, under any circumstances. Once you have removed it, the next step is cleansing with a natural cleanser. You can even make one on your own, which can be particularly beneficial for your skin. Coconut oil can be very handy for that purpose, since it eliminates unwanted shine from your face without stripping your skin of its natural oils. However, if DIY is not your cup of tea, you may want to purchase a facial cleanser by Clarins Australia. It features nourishing shea butter and pro-vitamin B5, which will leave your skin smooth and silky. Apart from that, extracts of gypsophila are added because of its cleansing properties that purify skin to the max. You won’t make a mistake with it.


Toning is another essential step in your bedtime skincare routine simply because a good natural toner will balance your skin’s pH while preventing it from becoming too oily or too dry. Aside from that, using a toner after cleansing will help replenish all the moisture that has been lost, so that your skin can absorb moisturiser even faster. Just make sure that you have chosen a toner appropriate for your skin – alcohol and artificially added fragrances can hurt it, and you don’t want that, right?


The final step in your bedtime beauty routine is moisturising, and you should pay extra attention to a product you choose to use. The reason is simple – a large number of moisturisers nowadays consist of a small amount of natural ingredients, while there are emulsifiers, preservatives, penetration enhancers and other chemicals present in the formulation. This is exactly why you should turn to home remedies – they are much healthier and incomparably cheaper. Shea butter is always a good choice, as well as aforementioned coconut oil. Just find a natural ingredient that is appropriate for your skin type and stick to it – your skin deserves that.

Natural Bedtime Beauty Routine 3

Turn on a humidifier

Apart from applying moisturiser on a daily basis, you should also turn on a humidifier in your bedroom before going to sleep. It will help your skin replenish moisture even more, which will make it look plump and youthful as soon as you get up in the morning. That will make it more resistant to all kinds of different allergens and irritants, while looking flawless and luminous at the same time. Such a device can help you if you have some respiratory problems, too. You can always choose the one with a cooling effect, which is absolutely perfect for summer and temperatures that go through the roof. You definitely won’t make a mistake if you choose to get a humidifier, since its benefits are truly magical.

As you can see, these five steps can really help you establish a worthwhile bedtime beauty routine which actually works for you. The most important thing about them is the fact that they are based on natural ingredients which are highly beneficial for your health – both physical and emotional.  Just give them a try and you will see their true benefits soon enough.

Best Herbal And Natural Solutions For Mouth Sore

Best Herbal And Natural Solutions For Mouth Sore

Sores, inside of mouth, are very painful for people. These sores put limit what they eat and cause not to enjoy what they eat. Many kind of factor might cause mouth sores. Healing of mouth sores might sometimes take very short time but on the other hand sometimes take long time in a painful way. Mouth sores are known as aft and these sores could be caused by lesions.

Many factos such as lack of oral and dental care, stress, vitamin deficiency, genetic factors, excessive consumption of hot and cold food and drinks, may cause sores in mouth. Also, these sores could be occured by after quick and instant bite. You should not underestimate and not to lose time to go to a doctor. Mouth sores are much more different than oral herpes therefore you shoud not confused mouth sores with oral herpes. The color of mouth sores could be seen as white or yellow and mouth sores occur much more in men than in women.

Mouth Sores Symptoms

Mouth sores mostly are seen as located in the mouth and inside of cheek. They are painful and smaller regions. Mouth sores increase during after they are recognized.

Lack of oral care has main role wound ocurance around the mouth. If you do not have a clean and health mouth, these wounds occur and treatment process will be more painful and difficult. You should show these sores to a doctor whether they repeat at regular intervals and healing of them takes a long time. Additionally, mouth sores may be a sign of some types of cancer.

You should review your eating habits to prevent occurance of mouth sores and to decrease recurrence to minimum level. Antibiotic is also one another factor to affect mouth sores occurance. Therefore you should pay attention on antibiotic usage.

Best Herbal And Natural Solutions For Mouth Sore 3

Mouth Sores Treatment

One of the most effective method and known as a fundemental of mouth wound cleaning is wound cleaning with carbonate. To apply carbonate to wounded area decreases pain and relax the person who has sore.

Another effective method is mixing salt and water and then apply this mixture to mouth wounds on a regular base as mouthwash. This mixture causes itching, burning and pain at the beginning but this mixture heals the wound day by day.

If quince is consumed as fruit or drink as a compote, then it has a healing effect for wounds in the mouth. Wounds will heal in a short timeMouth sores which are larger than 1 cm and not to heal in a long term, have been checked by doctor without losing any time. Because they could be dangerous so you should be very careful.

Herbal Treatment for Mouth Sores


There is a large effect of vinegar on mouth wounds. You can get rapid healing using vinegar that is another herbal solution, as mouthwash on a regular base.


One of most important effect is inadequate oral care in mouth sores occurance. Thyme perform intraoral mouth cleaning effectively. You can use a mixture made of vinegar, thyme and sesame oil as mouthwash. Also chewing a plenty of thyme will be a good idea to prevent mouth sores. You have taken precautions beforehand and you quickly provide the wounds treatment by this way.


One of another herbal method is herbal berry/mulberry syrup. When you apply this syrup regularly using a cotton swab, you can decrease pain in mouth sores and accelerate the healing of wounds.


To apply pomegranate on mouth sores using a piece of cotton begins the healing process for wounds.


Clove is an effective method to heal mouth sores quickly. Clove has both effect, reduces pain caused by wound and remove bacteria causing mouth sores. You can relieve your mouth sores in a short time.


To chew parsley leaves is very effective for mouth sores. Parsley contains iron therefore, it is very effective to heal mouth sores due to iron deficiency.


You must use fresh lemon juice. After squeeze lemon juice, you should use this as mouthwash. You can destroy bacteria with using lemon. You have taken precautions against mouth sores occurance by regular lemon consumption in this way.

In addition to these methods, consumption of daisy, onion, basil and plums will also be effective for your mouth sores.

Mint Cure for Unwanted Hair

Mint Cure for Unwanted Hair

All women suffer from hair and feathers. Therefore, today, male or female, everbody, uses various hair removal methods to get rid of all hair and feathers. If you do not have hair removal opportunity, you can try our mint cure to get rid of unwanted hair from your body.

Main reason of unwanted hair is androgen (male hormone). On the other hand, there are many other reasons for unwanted hair in any part of the body. Therefore you should definitely go to a doctor.

Mint Cure for Unwanted Hair

Mint Cure For Hair Reduction

Chopp fresh mint as flaked. Chew 1 tablespoon chopped mint and drink water. Apply this cure every day during 15 days. Then do not apply 4 days. Then apply 15 days along.

Mint cure balances hormonal level in female body, avoids increasing hormones and helps to reduce body hairs in female body ensuring hormonal normalization.

Daily Skin Care

Daily skin care application goals reviving your skin and let your skin to breathe by removing daily dirt and dust. You could prevent blackheads, acne on your skin and other skin problems by applying regularly.

Daily Skin Care Tips

1- Clean and healthy skin has same color tone and no patches available.
2- You could achieve to get a cleaner and more vibrant looking skin by regular skin care applications.
3- People who have oily skin structure can prevent acne emergence using water-based moisturizers.
4- Skin tonic might dry your skin and therefore you must use moisturizing cream as finishing to create a suitable structure.
5- After applying tonics to your skin, the pores get tighten and large – causing acne – will begin to close.
6- Even if you do not have make up on your face, you should wash your face with a good quality makeup remover on a daily basis.
7- Skin cleansing foams and gels to ensure opening of the pores on your skin and provide your skin oil balance.
8- Skin cleansing milk will provide to your skin an effective cleaning. Cleansing milk is poured into a cotton ball and apply to your skin.
9- Your skin will be thoroughly cleaned after face cleansing milk.

Facial Cleansing With Rose Water

  • 1 cup of clay
  • 1 tablespoon almond oil
  • 1 tablespoon of rose oil
  • 1 cup of rose water

Mix the all ingredients in the list in a clean container and apply this mixture to your skin. You can apply this cleaning method once in a week on a regular basis which is more suitable for dry skin.

Facial Cleansing Mask

  • 2 teaspoon sesame oil
  • 2 teaspoon almond oil
  • 100 ml çöven grass juice
  • 2 drops of rosemary oil
  • 1 teaspoon rosemary juice
  • 1 tablespoon of castor oil

Mix all the ingredients based on listed  amount as in above. Put this mixture in a bottle and keep it as sealed. Apply this mixture your skin morning and evening on a regular basis. You could store this mixture in the refrigerator for 10 days.

Skin Problem and Solutions

Skin Problem and Solutions 2

Skin problem can affect anyone, male or female, at any age. When most people think about skin problem, things like acne may come to mind, but it is important to note that things like uneven texture and skin tone are also quite popular complaints. However, people do not have to live with skin problem, and there are easy solutions to these problems that we will address.

Acne Prone and Congested Skin

Usually seen in teenagers and young adults, acne and congested skin can affect anyone at any age. As with any skin problem, the key to curing it is a dedicated skincare regimen. To control oil and acne, look for ingredients such as sulfur, tea tree oil or salicylic acid. Both a cleanser and a moisturizer are needed as basic steps and you may want to include a spot treatment as well for stubborn breakouts.

Skin Problem and Solutions

Uneven Texture and Skin Dryness

Internal dehydration, or not drinking enough water, can lead to patches of flakiness on the body, including the face. Other times, due to environment, skin can become uneven. Exfoliating two to three times a week will help rid the skin surface of flakes, and following up with a hydrating serum and moisturizer will help the skin retain its moisture barrier better as well.

Discoloration and Uneven Skin Tone

Discoloration can come from a myriad of different sources, from overproduction of melanin to sun damage and uneven skin tone can be caused by skin conditions or environmental stress. These are among the hardest skin problem conditions to treat, as it takes dedication and lots of time for the condition to begin to improve. Serums with ingredients like vitamin C or peony can help brighten the skin and algae can help begin to mask redness in the skin. Serums should be applied both morning and evening every day in order to see results that will generally take at least four to six weeks to show. improvement.

The Bare Minimum Anti-Aging Routine

The Bare Minimum Anti-Aging Routine

If you are too busy in the morning to spend your time with a cleanser, toner, detoxifying lotion, serum, eye cream and a moisturizer, you are not alone. So how do you get radiant, youthful looking skin while doing the absolute bare minimum?

Skincare definitely shouldn’t be seen as a chore, but if you really want to only spend a couple of minutes a day taking care of your skin, you want to make sure you have some of the best products and routine available to give you what you need.

The Bare Minimum Anti-Aging Routine 1

Cleanse and Exfoliate

Target fine lines and wrinkles with an anti-aging cleanser, and then make sure to exfoliate at least twice a week, preferably with a detoxifying exfoliant. This helps slough off the dead skin cells that build up and leave your skin looking dull. Remember to cleanse twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening to remove all of the days dirt, makeup and residue.

Choose An Anti-Aging Serum

If you really want to tackle aging, you’ll need more than just a cleanser and moisturizer. Adding in a serum with retinol, collagen or hyaluronic acid will help you take on those pesky lines and wrinkles. You can use retinol products at night so you aren’t rushing a routine in the daytime, but this step is essential.



Using a moisturizer is another essential step in an anti-aging skincare routine. Choose an anti-aging moisturizer that feels light on your skin; you don’t want to feel like your skin is being weighed down. If you have oily skin, consider using a moisturizer that has more of a gel-like feel to it. Always get a moisturizer with sunscreen. If your favorite cream does not come with sunscreen, make sure you purchase one. Sunscreen is essential to stop the damaging effects of the sun from penetrating your skin cells.

How to Purge Your Skin

How to Purge Your Skin

The theory behind skin cleanses is that toxic substances and bodily wastes are often deposited in the fatty tissues below the surface of the skin. It turns out that there is a lot more to skin cleansing than soap and water. Here are tips for proper skin cleansing, turns out an old-school splash and scrub won’t do.

Find out what skin type you have

Is your skin, normal, oily, dry, sensitive or combination skin? This way you get to select the right products for your skin type and help prevent breakout.

How to cleanse your face

How to Purge Your Skin 4

Wash your face twice a day

Just because your skin looks clean does not mean it is. Avoid ordinary bar soaps, use facial cleansers that are gentle and designed for your skin type, for example, ABOTANIQ’s Papaya Enzyme Cleanser that gets rid of makeup and impurities helps to remove dull surface cells and creates a more radiant, smoother complexion. Only rinse with warm water, extremes in temperature may irritate your skin and cause damage.

How to Purge Your Skin 5

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Exfoliate at least once a week

Gentle exfoliation rids your skin of the dead cells, resulting in smoother, brighter skin. Make sure to find a scrub that is suitable for your skin type.

A very important post-cleansing step is to moisturize by applying a topical moisturizer designed for your skin.

How to Purge Your Skin 2

How to cleanse your body

Simple cleansing shower or bath

As important as it is to choose the right type of cleanser for your face, so is it for your body. You can use a loofah, scrubber, washcloth, or a natural bristle skin brush with a long handle to gently clean in little circles on every part of your body except your sensitive areas (for example, genitals). This also helps to exfoliate your skin. Using a clean towel, dry your entire body and immediately moisturize. The steam helps to keep your skin hydrous as the moisturizer sinks into your pores while they are still open.

Oil cleansing method

Sounds crazy, right? The basic idea of this skin cleansing method is to make the oil that is stuck in your pores, and has hardened with impurities go into solution with the cleansing oil. The result is a much more moisturized skin than conventional soap-based cleaners. Castor Oil is an example of a humectant that is used for skin cleansing. Olive Oil can also be used. The ratio of the oil mixture depends on your skin type.

Eat right

Drink lots of water, and green tea, eat vegetables and reduce your sugar intake for that healthy skin glow.

So, in the end, which is the best skin cleansing method? The truth is, we all just need to find a method that suits us individually. There is none that is perfect.

Get Rid of Adult Acne ASAP

Get Rid of Adult Acne ASAP

When you are a teenager you cannot wait for the day when you will grow up and get rid of this problem, but not all of us are so lucky to be free of it in our grown up days. To make it even more complicated, adult acne are more difficult to treat, because of the specifics of adult skin, especially the decreased production of collagen, which slows down the healing process. Although treating adult acne can be very challenging, that does not mean it is impossible. First, you need to know the causes and only then, search for solutions.

The Causes

The Mean Hormones

Yes, you have waited until your 20s to have clear face, and then those mean hormones prevented that. Specifically, fluctuation in hormones (androgens – male hormones), such as the ones before menstrual cycle can cause acne breakouts.  They usually appear in the form of painful cystic acne around the back, neck and chin.

Stressing Out

Yes stress is the number one silent killer, but it is also one of the main sources of hormonal changes. We all know that stress is a state we develop as we grow up, and that with the juggling of our daily chores, private life and career goals, it is very difficult not to get annoyed. W hen stress hormone cortisol is put out in the body to help fight stress, it releases some testosterone, which drives your skin to produce more oil.

Acne in the Air

Well, not literally. We are referring to the air pollution which puts a layer of dirt on your skin every time you leave the house. Do not believe us? Try walking around the block for a half an hour, get inside your house and then wipe your face with a face wipe and check the color.

Get Rid of Adult Acne ASAP 2

Poor Product Choice

“All-skin-types” products are like unicorns – everyone heard about them, some thought they have seen them, but in the end they are just not real. If you use an oil-based cream when you already have oily skin, you cannot blame acne for popping out.

You Are Over Washing

Overwashing your face can be very counterproductive. If you are cleansing more than once a day, you are drying out your skin, thus provoking more oil production, which in return, leads to acne breakouts. Cleansing your face once a day is enough.

Get Rid of Adult Acne ASAP 3Inside Out

The food you consume can largely impact your skin appearance. One of the most responsible for acne breakouts is sugar, but, depending on your skin specifics, you can develop acne influenced by chocolate, pizza, caffeine, etc.

The Solutions

Search for Products with These Ingredients

  • Salicylic acid is exfoliating your skin gently to unclog the pores, without damaging it.
  • Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, thus speeding up the healing process, so it would be a good idea to start using vitamin C serum with hydrating features.
  • Benzoyl peroxide kills the acne-causing bacteria and cleans the pores at the same time. It can be found in spot-treating products.
  • Glycolic acid targets acne and wrinkles at the same time.
  • Sulfur is one more great spot treatment which drives oil out of the skin.
  • Retinol has collagen-building properties, but it can also dry out the skin and be too harsh.

Exfoliation Is the Key

This is one thing you should do on a regular basis, even if you do not have troubles with acne. Exfoliate once a week with a store-bought scrub, or one made in your own kitchen (oatmeal + honey + sugar or baking soda + water).

Get Rid of Adult Acne ASAP 4

Use Antibiotics

Antibiotics can be truly effective in fighting acne. The only problem is that you can eventually (usually within a month) develop bacterial resistance. The solution lies in treating acne with topical treatments and benzoyl peroxide simultaneously to minimize the chance of developing resistance.

Look for Anti-Inflammatory Products

Inflammation is almost always linked to acne breakouts. You must have noticed the redness and swelling that no concealer in the world cannot hide. To solve this, search for products containing antioxidants that have skin repairing features.

Get Rid of Adult Acne ASAP 5

Food Fight

Just as there are some foods that can cause acne, there are others that can prevent and fight them. To beat this annoying problem, include the following foods in your diet: almonds, watermelons, green tea, oranges, carrots, figs, whole grains, salmon, berries, onion, tomatoes, leafy greens, eggs, etc.


Sometimes you need much more than a lifestyle change and topical treatments to get rid of acne, especially if the cause is in hormonal changes. Consult your physician before you start using any spironolactone or oral contraceptives, though.

Dry instead of DIY

Never try the do-it-yourself method of extracting the painful cyst. The only way to reduce it is to drain it, and for that you should use topical treatments or visit your dermatologist. Use cold/warm compress to relieve the pain.

Find one or more solutions that work for you and try to minimize the chances of developing acne in the first place, by paying attention to the possible causes and avoiding those you can.

The Best Way To Revive Your Skin

The Best Way To Revive Your Skin

Our skin undergoes a lot of changes each day, collects a lot of impurities from our day to day activities, the changing weather patterns or even the lack of sleep makes the skin look dull and also feel tired. At times, wrinkles form around the eyes, which are really noticeable. This makes us lose confidence in facing people as we feel bad because of our skin. The good news is that you can brighten up your skin so that it looks fresh, young and wrinkle free. For skin revival, some of the remedies include:

Wash Your Face

By washing your face with the normal tap water helps revive the skin and you feel fresh after returning home from a tired day.

Eat And Drink Right

What you eat matters reflects on your skin. Eating right involves eating healthy, balanced meals as the nutrients help build up the skin. Drink a lot of water too, so as to keep the skin hydrated and it will be fresh and bright. Drink water when you wake up and also throughout the day.

Ice Treatment

Rub a piece of ice on your face or wash with very cold water as it helps in blood circulation, tightens up the pores hence making the face bright.


The skin will appear dull due to the dirt deposits and dead cells on the skin and this can only be solved by exfoliating. It is good to exfoliate at least twice a week by choosing a gentle scrub so that it can leave a good refreshed and beautiful skin.

Moisturize Your Skin

Keeping your skin hydrated is essential not only by taking water but you could also use moisturizers that will help lock in the moisture in the skin. Get an SPF containing moisturizer so that it can protect you from the sun rays.

Do Home Facials

Doing facials help brighten up your face. There are different types of facial products some of which can be bought while others you can make a home. Examples of facial include sugar and honey, yogurt face mask, cucumber face mask, sea salt face scrub and milk cream face mask. Facials leave your skin with an even radiant complexion.

Use The Right Makeup

Use the right foundation, concealer, and makeup that are of your skin tone and type and of good quality. Make-up helps brick back the glow and complexion. Choose the right product depending on whether your skin is dry or not. By using a concealer you hide dark circles, blemishes, spots and other skin problems, hence improves the skin tone and complexion.


The cleanser is used to remove makeup from the face. A cleanser can be water or oil based and help open up the pores. Once you have cleansed, then you can tone and then moisturize. You could apply a night cream so as to rejuvenate the tired skin so that when you wake up in the morning, your skin is beautiful and bright.

Get 8-Hour Sleep

The skin regenerates and heals when we go to sleep so it is essential to get a good night’s sleep.

The above are essential for that natural young looking skin. We have to take care of our skin so it’s essential to cleanse, tone and moisturize on a daily basis. There are a lot of products available for skin revival,  but we could recommend the use of the ABOTANIQ Essential Kit which contains the cleanser, toner, and serum.

The Best Way To Revive Your Skin 2
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Tips on How to Get Radiant Skin

Tips on How to Get Radiant Skin

Many of us work hard to achieve fair and flawless skin. Some of the potential causes of dark skin are; dry skin, certain medical conditions, eating an unbalanced diet, long exposure to the sun, stress, genetics, and improper lifestyle choices. There are effective natural ways to lighten skin, and skin brightening products that target post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or dark spots due to sun exposure.

Skin brightening products

They either work to block the production of pigment or help to increase cell turnover to exfoliate away the darker-stained upper layers of the skin. This helps reveal lighter, healthier skin. ABOTANIQ’s Brightening Night Cream is an example; it is rich, yet lightweight, and high-performance. The cream diminishes dullness and also helps reduce dark spots.  This  in turn helps return your skin to a more naturally even complexion.

Do not leave skin whitening creams on for too long, their chemical ingredients may damage or irritate your skin.

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Tomatoes have natural bleaching and whitening properties that lighten skin. Their natural acidic composition balances skin pH to prevent excessive oil and make it look bright. By mixing tomato pulp and yoghurt and applying this to the dark skin, you can brighten your skin.

Lemon juice

It is packed with citric and ascorbic acid, which are both excellent sources of Vitamin C, and have skin lightening properties. Natural astringent properties contained in lemon juice help tighten pores and reduces sebum secretion. Use a cotton ball to apply lemon juice to the dark skin daily, and rinse off after twenty minutes. For sensitive skin, remember to dilute the lemon juice with water before application.


Yoghurt is known to be rich in lactic acid. It has bleaching properties that work by helping treat hyper-pigmented skin. They do this by suppressing melanin production. Lactic acid has gentle alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that act as exfoliants to clear dead cells. This, in turn, helps give a brighter skin tone.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains a compound called Aloesin which inhibits tyrosinase activity and regulates melanin production in the skin. Aloe Vera gel leaves skin smooth, soft, and bright with its anti-oxidant properties.

Tips on How to Get Radiant Skin 2


Its rich flavor itself makes it hard to resist. But here is more, eating papaya daily can give you a complexion that is lighter and also makes your skin glow. You can make a mask by crushing two slices of pawpaw and add in some lemon juice. Spread it onto your face and wash it off after 20 minutes.

Potato juice

It will whiten your skin and also when applied under the eyes, gets rid of dark circles and eye bags. You can blend potatoes and then squeeze the juice out and apply it onto your face and leave it on until it dries off. Rinse your face with a mild soap afterwards.

Have you tried any of these methods?  Get your skin bright by trying out the above tips!