Best Herbal And Natural Solutions For Mouth Sore

Best Herbal And Natural Solutions For Mouth Sore

Sores, inside of mouth, are very painful for people. These sores put limit what they eat and cause not to enjoy what they eat. Many kind of factor might cause mouth sores. Healing of mouth sores might sometimes take very short time but on the other hand sometimes take long time in a painful way. Mouth sores are known as aft and these sores could be caused by lesions.

Many factos such as lack of oral and dental care, stress, vitamin deficiency, genetic factors, excessive consumption of hot and cold food and drinks, may cause sores in mouth. Also, these sores could be occured by after quick and instant bite. You should not underestimate and not to lose time to go to a doctor. Mouth sores are much more different than oral herpes therefore you shoud not confused mouth sores with oral herpes. The color of mouth sores could be seen as white or yellow and mouth sores occur much more in men than in women.

Mouth Sores Symptoms

Mouth sores mostly are seen as located in the mouth and inside of cheek. They are painful and smaller regions. Mouth sores increase during after they are recognized.

Lack of oral care has main role wound ocurance around the mouth. If you do not have a clean and health mouth, these wounds occur and treatment process will be more painful and difficult. You should show these sores to a doctor whether they repeat at regular intervals and healing of them takes a long time. Additionally, mouth sores may be a sign of some types of cancer.

You should review your eating habits to prevent occurance of mouth sores and to decrease recurrence to minimum level. Antibiotic is also one another factor to affect mouth sores occurance. Therefore you should pay attention on antibiotic usage.

Best Herbal And Natural Solutions For Mouth Sore 3

Mouth Sores Treatment

One of the most effective method and known as a fundemental of mouth wound cleaning is wound cleaning with carbonate. To apply carbonate to wounded area decreases pain and relax the person who has sore.

Another effective method is mixing salt and water and then apply this mixture to mouth wounds on a regular base as mouthwash. This mixture causes itching, burning and pain at the beginning but this mixture heals the wound day by day.

If quince is consumed as fruit or drink as a compote, then it has a healing effect for wounds in the mouth. Wounds will heal in a short timeMouth sores which are larger than 1 cm and not to heal in a long term, have been checked by doctor without losing any time. Because they could be dangerous so you should be very careful.

Herbal Treatment for Mouth Sores


There is a large effect of vinegar on mouth wounds. You can get rapid healing using vinegar that is another herbal solution, as mouthwash on a regular base.


One of most important effect is inadequate oral care in mouth sores occurance. Thyme perform intraoral mouth cleaning effectively. You can use a mixture made of vinegar, thyme and sesame oil as mouthwash. Also chewing a plenty of thyme will be a good idea to prevent mouth sores. You have taken precautions beforehand and you quickly provide the wounds treatment by this way.


One of another herbal method is herbal berry/mulberry syrup. When you apply this syrup regularly using a cotton swab, you can decrease pain in mouth sores and accelerate the healing of wounds.


To apply pomegranate on mouth sores using a piece of cotton begins the healing process for wounds.


Clove is an effective method to heal mouth sores quickly. Clove has both effect, reduces pain caused by wound and remove bacteria causing mouth sores. You can relieve your mouth sores in a short time.


To chew parsley leaves is very effective for mouth sores. Parsley contains iron therefore, it is very effective to heal mouth sores due to iron deficiency.


You must use fresh lemon juice. After squeeze lemon juice, you should use this as mouthwash. You can destroy bacteria with using lemon. You have taken precautions against mouth sores occurance by regular lemon consumption in this way.

In addition to these methods, consumption of daisy, onion, basil and plums will also be effective for your mouth sores.

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