Foods That Affect Your Hair Health

Foods That Affect Your Hair Health

Let’s face it – we love our food and we love our hair. The great thing is that food can do great things for our hair, just like it can do for our nails and skin. When you notice that your hair looks a little bit unusual, you might want to reconsider your diet. What we eat and our habits (like smoking for example which cuts down the amount of biotin in your blood) affect our entire body in many ways and not just our stomach and tongue. Our hair, just like our nails is made out of the protein called keratin so it is logical that similar choices affect them both equally. With all that being said, here are some foods and vitamins and their roles in the health of your hair.


It helps you with losing weight but it also helps you with reducing and almost eliminating hair loss. Carrots affect the strength of your hair and speeds up the growing process. If you eat carrots on a daily basis, your hair will grow faster, it will be much shinier, and it will be less damaged. It will be enough just to drink one glass of pure carrot juice a day or eat one carrot a day and you will see the results in no time.


Hair is made out of proteins so it is totally normal that when you are lacking them, you will start losing hair. Don’t worry, if you are a vegetarian, meat is not the only protein-based food. There are beans, spinach, tofu etc. Foods with amino acids actually create keratin – cystine, which is also very good for your hair. Foods like pork, broccoli, red peppers are full of it.

Foods That Affect Your Hair Health


You already know that sugar is bad for you and you shouldn’t be eating it in the first place. Not only does it makes you gain weight and makes your skin greasy, it also causes your blood sugar to spike. When that happens the insulin starts to pump and levels of androgen are raising. Androgen is a male hormone which can sometimes make your hair follicles shrink.


Probably one of the best foods to prevent hair loss. They are full of proteins and we all know how much we need proteins. One egg has from 4 to 7,2 grams of protein which makes it one of the best treatments for your hair. If you are not a fan of eggs, you can make egg masks which will work the same as if you ate them.

Foods That Affect Your Hair Health

Iron and zinc

These metals are the most important substances in our bodies. They affect the formation of healthy follicles and hair growth. You should eat red meat (which is filled with iron and zinc) at least three times a week. For the ones who don’t eat meat, there are some replacements like soya and lemon (which is filled with vitamin C which encourages iron absorption).

Vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D

Foods That Affect Your Hair Health

Vitamin A can be found in fish, dairy products and animal liver. It is good for your hair because it forms a thin layer of tallow on the root of the hair, which saves it from damaging. But be careful, when this vitamin is consumed in ultra-high doses, it can lead to hair loss. When it comes to vitamin C, a regular and healthy person would need approximately 60 milligrams of it per day, while smokers and people who are exposed to a lot of stress need at least 2 grams of it per day. You can find it in pepper, lemon, kiwi, green vegetables, green walnuts, potato etc. It is great for the immune system, as it is a great antioxidant, and it is fabulous for our hair also. If we lack vitamin C, our hair will become dry and the ends split. Men and women who are consume a lot of vitamin C have strong, healthy and luxuriant hair.

Vitamin D can be found in fish oil, herrings, yeast, sardines and other sea fish, eggs, avocado, butter and beef. Daily doses are always combined with vitamin A. Vitamin D helps your hair to grow and even if it enters your body through the food, it needs sun exposure for at least 10 minutes to be „activated“. If you are on a diet or you’re simply not a fan of all these groceries above, you need to start using hair vitamins as an equal replacement for them.


They accelerate the growing process like nothing else. Not only are they filled with omega – 6 acids, but they are also full of iron, zinc and vitamins B1, B6 and B9, healthy fats and many proteins. If you eat them on a daily basis, your hair will be healthy and strong as long as you are consuming them. But be careful though. Walnuts also have selenium inside of them, which is a mineral known to cause hair loss for people who have too much of it in their organism. The point is, one or two handful of walnuts a week is perfectly enough.

That would be it. Be careful what you are eating and take care of your hair and your nails. It is not that hard to eat right and it can only do you good.

Individual Training vs Group Programs

Individual Training vs Group Programs

So, you’ve decided to get in shape and you want to start exercising, and that’s great. Good for you. The next question is what kind of physical activity you will choose? This will depend on many things, your physique and preferences, among others. If you’re wavering between individual and group training, though, you will have to put performance, motivation and progress into the equation. Of course, both of these programs have their own unique benefits, as well as shortcomings, so making a decision comes down to a list of pros and cons. In order to be able to make that list on firm arguments, first you must know everything you should about the similarities and differences between individual and group training.

One-on-one Model – How Does It Work?

Individual training means working one-on-one with a fitness instructor with a program based on your own physique, needs and capabilities. In some cases, the trainee will come to the gym and perform the program on its own, after they are shown how to do all the exercises properly, while in others, the instructor will be with them throughout the entire workout session. The fitness plan is designed for you, and it depends on your normal amount of physical activity (the hours you spend sitting, some other sport you are playing, etc.), weight, age, etc. You are getting all the details you need, including the list of exercises, the number of repetitions, and the wait time between your sets.

Individual Training vs Group Programs 2Benefits of Individual Training

Based on this information, you can conclude that personalized fitness training has numerous benefits. Since they are tailored to your strengths, weaknesses and lifestyle, there are highly likely to be more effective than group training. Your individual goals are the main priority both for you and the instructor, so you will probably get a fitness plan that meets your specific needs. If you have suffered from a previous injury or any kind of physical issue, a personalized program will address these problems properly without putting too much stress on those muscles. Individual training is also good for “lone wolves” who prefer to exercise without the “pack”.

Downsides of Going Solo

If you are doing your workouts all alone based on the names of exercises and the number of repetitions you have written down, there’s always a chance you’ll make a mistake that can lead to injury. The lack of competitiveness you would get in a group can sometimes be dull and have negative effect on your motivation. Another con that can make many people give up on hiring a personal trainer is that individual training can be very expensive.

Working Out with the “Pack”

Group training is done with several participants, and depending on your needs you can decide for different classes/programs, such as aerobics, Pilates, interval training, total body workout, Zumba, Les Mills programs, power yoga, CrossFit, tai chi, boot camp, etc. All of them are usually done based on a fitness plan tailored to the average trainee abilities, so they require somewhat uniform tempo from all the participants. Some rely exclusively on your body weight and cardio exercises, while others require use of commercial gym equipment just as individual training.

Individual Training vs Group Programs 3

Pros of Group Programs

If there’s one thing individual training can’t give you that group training can, that is the psychologyof group which is pushing you to constantly exceed your limits. Participants in groups are so persistent because nobody wants to be a weak link in the chain, so they have to step up to meet the demands of everyone else. That competitive edge will boost your performance and instill the desire to work harder and better. Another benefit of group programs is the fact that it’s more affordable, and it’s one of the reasons why they’re so popular. The perks of camaraderie and new friendships make this experience even more rewarding.

Shortcomings of Working out in a Group

Group training is not for everyone, and for some, the seemingly rewarding psychology of group can be very discouraging. The feeling they are not up for the challenge or they are not progressing with the same tempo as the others can make them want to give up on working out all together. On the other hand, the participants that are progressing rapidly, faster than the other members of the group, may feel their needs are neglected while the difficulty of the training is being adapt to the medium-level performers. Workouts are not made specifically for each group member, so they may not address what you actually need. The fact that group fitness training is always scheduled for some specific hours and days, means that you are adapting to them, instead of them adapting to you, can lead you to become inconsistent with your training.

So, what’s the bottom line? Both programs are good for some, and bad for some things. Now all that’s left is for you to put it on paper. Write down your pros and cons list and make a decision. Good luck!

Natural Bedtime Beauty Routine

Natural Bedtime Beauty Routine

Image source: Flickr

Establishing a bedtime beauty routine that works for you is not the easiest thing to do. However, don’t be desperate – there are some essential steps you should take in order to pamper your skin to the max and wake up refreshed. It gets even better when your routine is based on natural products and ingredients that are fantastic for your health and overall well-being. Stay with us and find out something more about natural bedtime beauty routine your skin will absolutely adore.

Drink some tea

Drinking tea before going to sleep can be extremely beneficial for your body and health, since it can easily put you in a peaceful state of mind that is highly required for bedtime. Just make sure that you have chosen the one without caffeine, because it will help you fall asleep much faster. A combination of ginger and honey may be just the right one for you – ginger is well-known as an ingredient that improves digestion and helps in cleansing your body, which is exactly what you need before a good night’s sleep.

Do a facial steam

A facial steam will open up your pores, thus helping all the dirt and excessive oil to come out much easier. Needless to say, these can easily cause some serious breakouts or irritation if you don’t deal with them properly. Aside from that, a good bedtime steam will help you calm down and relax after a long day at work. Just give it a try and you will see an instant improvement. Here is one extra tip: try chamomile and enjoy its marvellous properties!

Natural Bedtime Beauty Routine 2

Image source: Flickr


As you already know, you should never go to bed with your makeup on, under any circumstances. Once you have removed it, the next step is cleansing with a natural cleanser. You can even make one on your own, which can be particularly beneficial for your skin. Coconut oil can be very handy for that purpose, since it eliminates unwanted shine from your face without stripping your skin of its natural oils. However, if DIY is not your cup of tea, you may want to purchase a facial cleanser by Clarins Australia. It features nourishing shea butter and pro-vitamin B5, which will leave your skin smooth and silky. Apart from that, extracts of gypsophila are added because of its cleansing properties that purify skin to the max. You won’t make a mistake with it.


Toning is another essential step in your bedtime skincare routine simply because a good natural toner will balance your skin’s pH while preventing it from becoming too oily or too dry. Aside from that, using a toner after cleansing will help replenish all the moisture that has been lost, so that your skin can absorb moisturiser even faster. Just make sure that you have chosen a toner appropriate for your skin – alcohol and artificially added fragrances can hurt it, and you don’t want that, right?


The final step in your bedtime beauty routine is moisturising, and you should pay extra attention to a product you choose to use. The reason is simple – a large number of moisturisers nowadays consist of a small amount of natural ingredients, while there are emulsifiers, preservatives, penetration enhancers and other chemicals present in the formulation. This is exactly why you should turn to home remedies – they are much healthier and incomparably cheaper. Shea butter is always a good choice, as well as aforementioned coconut oil. Just find a natural ingredient that is appropriate for your skin type and stick to it – your skin deserves that.

Natural Bedtime Beauty Routine 3

Turn on a humidifier

Apart from applying moisturiser on a daily basis, you should also turn on a humidifier in your bedroom before going to sleep. It will help your skin replenish moisture even more, which will make it look plump and youthful as soon as you get up in the morning. That will make it more resistant to all kinds of different allergens and irritants, while looking flawless and luminous at the same time. Such a device can help you if you have some respiratory problems, too. You can always choose the one with a cooling effect, which is absolutely perfect for summer and temperatures that go through the roof. You definitely won’t make a mistake if you choose to get a humidifier, since its benefits are truly magical.

As you can see, these five steps can really help you establish a worthwhile bedtime beauty routine which actually works for you. The most important thing about them is the fact that they are based on natural ingredients which are highly beneficial for your health – both physical and emotional.  Just give them a try and you will see their true benefits soon enough.

Get Rid of Adult Acne ASAP

Get Rid of Adult Acne ASAP

When you are a teenager you cannot wait for the day when you will grow up and get rid of this problem, but not all of us are so lucky to be free of it in our grown up days. To make it even more complicated, adult acne are more difficult to treat, because of the specifics of adult skin, especially the decreased production of collagen, which slows down the healing process. Although treating adult acne can be very challenging, that does not mean it is impossible. First, you need to know the causes and only then, search for solutions.

The Causes

The Mean Hormones

Yes, you have waited until your 20s to have clear face, and then those mean hormones prevented that. Specifically, fluctuation in hormones (androgens – male hormones), such as the ones before menstrual cycle can cause acne breakouts.  They usually appear in the form of painful cystic acne around the back, neck and chin.

Stressing Out

Yes stress is the number one silent killer, but it is also one of the main sources of hormonal changes. We all know that stress is a state we develop as we grow up, and that with the juggling of our daily chores, private life and career goals, it is very difficult not to get annoyed. W hen stress hormone cortisol is put out in the body to help fight stress, it releases some testosterone, which drives your skin to produce more oil.

Acne in the Air

Well, not literally. We are referring to the air pollution which puts a layer of dirt on your skin every time you leave the house. Do not believe us? Try walking around the block for a half an hour, get inside your house and then wipe your face with a face wipe and check the color.

Get Rid of Adult Acne ASAP 2

Poor Product Choice

“All-skin-types” products are like unicorns – everyone heard about them, some thought they have seen them, but in the end they are just not real. If you use an oil-based cream when you already have oily skin, you cannot blame acne for popping out.

You Are Over Washing

Overwashing your face can be very counterproductive. If you are cleansing more than once a day, you are drying out your skin, thus provoking more oil production, which in return, leads to acne breakouts. Cleansing your face once a day is enough.

Get Rid of Adult Acne ASAP 3Inside Out

The food you consume can largely impact your skin appearance. One of the most responsible for acne breakouts is sugar, but, depending on your skin specifics, you can develop acne influenced by chocolate, pizza, caffeine, etc.

The Solutions

Search for Products with These Ingredients

  • Salicylic acid is exfoliating your skin gently to unclog the pores, without damaging it.
  • Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, thus speeding up the healing process, so it would be a good idea to start using vitamin C serum with hydrating features.
  • Benzoyl peroxide kills the acne-causing bacteria and cleans the pores at the same time. It can be found in spot-treating products.
  • Glycolic acid targets acne and wrinkles at the same time.
  • Sulfur is one more great spot treatment which drives oil out of the skin.
  • Retinol has collagen-building properties, but it can also dry out the skin and be too harsh.

Exfoliation Is the Key

This is one thing you should do on a regular basis, even if you do not have troubles with acne. Exfoliate once a week with a store-bought scrub, or one made in your own kitchen (oatmeal + honey + sugar or baking soda + water).

Get Rid of Adult Acne ASAP 4

Use Antibiotics

Antibiotics can be truly effective in fighting acne. The only problem is that you can eventually (usually within a month) develop bacterial resistance. The solution lies in treating acne with topical treatments and benzoyl peroxide simultaneously to minimize the chance of developing resistance.

Look for Anti-Inflammatory Products

Inflammation is almost always linked to acne breakouts. You must have noticed the redness and swelling that no concealer in the world cannot hide. To solve this, search for products containing antioxidants that have skin repairing features.

Get Rid of Adult Acne ASAP 5

Food Fight

Just as there are some foods that can cause acne, there are others that can prevent and fight them. To beat this annoying problem, include the following foods in your diet: almonds, watermelons, green tea, oranges, carrots, figs, whole grains, salmon, berries, onion, tomatoes, leafy greens, eggs, etc.


Sometimes you need much more than a lifestyle change and topical treatments to get rid of acne, especially if the cause is in hormonal changes. Consult your physician before you start using any spironolactone or oral contraceptives, though.

Dry instead of DIY

Never try the do-it-yourself method of extracting the painful cyst. The only way to reduce it is to drain it, and for that you should use topical treatments or visit your dermatologist. Use cold/warm compress to relieve the pain.

Find one or more solutions that work for you and try to minimize the chances of developing acne in the first place, by paying attention to the possible causes and avoiding those you can.

Is your Skin Spring Ready? 

Is your Skin Spring Ready

Your skin has suffered through the hard winter days, and it needs to be taken care of adequately before being exposed to the spring sunlight. Before going for short skirts, sandals and crop tops, be sure to go through this checklist:

Say good bye to excess hair

Mini skirt season is coming sooner than you may think. However, your legs are a far fetch from being ready for the bare leg season. Of course, you do not really want to look like a grizzly so choose the most adequate way to get rid of the unwanted hair.  If you want a long lasting effect, choose waxing instead of shaving and tweezers. You may even do it at home, you can easily have a wax treatment that you prepared on your own. Still, if you do not feel fit enough for this kind of business, have a scheduled appointment at a beauty salon and let the professionals take care of any unwanted hair you might have.  A messy bikini area is something no one wants to see, so take care of it now rather than a couple of days before sunbathing to avoid unwanted redness and itchiness of the skin once it has been exposed to the sunlight.

Is your Skin Spring Ready 2Scrub it

After you have waxed your skin, the number of dead skin cells has significantly decreased, but still there is some that needs to be treated. To have a glowing skin which is not dry and rough anymore, exfoliate it! You can use a loofah, body brush or exfoliating gloves at home. Apply the exfoliating lotion, brush it and then rinse in lukewarm water. Your skin will soon go from winter dry to spring radiant!

Is your Skin Spring Ready 3Get a younger skin

We all wish we could turn back time and erase all the wrinkles and scars on our faces, but somehow we have always thought that this was impossible. We were wrong! Luckily enough, the modern technology has evolved and today there are numerous treatments you could take to make your face look younger. There is a facial rejuvenation clinic in Sydney is known for their successful treatments for fighting against ageing signs, scars, acne and rosacea. Among the top treatments there are microdermabrasion and acne blue light therapy owing to which your acne will soon be ancient history. What is more, there is a specific treatment that is excellent for getting your skin spring ready – a chemical peel. This kind of peel removes the top skin layer to reduce the effects caused by excess exposure to the sunlight, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.

Is your Skin Spring Ready 4Get a mani and/or pedi

Spring time means having neat foot and finger nails! Ditch your dull winter nail polish colours for vibrant spring ones and have your nails done by yourself or by a professional. You can get inspired by skimming through online motivation boards. This year, the trends suggest that you do not really need to match the colours and patterns of your finger and foot nails, go for colour block effect! The only rule you need to respect is – those need to be well taken care of.

Is your Skin Spring Ready 5Get new sunscreen

To get your skin spring ready, you need to protect it starting from as soon as possible. Go for SPF 15 moisturizes that will ensure protection against UVA and UVB rights. However, if you already have some in your household check the expiry dates as you do not really want to apply something that has expired on your skin.

Is your Skin Spring Ready 6The time is quickly running out and the spring of 2016 is coming sooner than you might think so choose the treatments that will get your skin ready for spring clothes and the sun. Yes, we mean – get those legs waxed, nails done, skin exfoliated and face rejuvenated.