Morning Makeup

Morning Makeup

You might be extremely exhausted when you get up in the morning. You can apply our morning makeup recommendations to refresh your view in a quick way and you can be ready in a short time. Facial care is very important in the morning before applying makeup.

Morning Skin Care

Your eyes may be swollen and there might be some wrinkles around your eye when you wake up in the morning. Therefore, you should keep on you under of your eye a bag of ice for 5 minutes to swell down. Then you need peeling for your skin to revitalize your skin quickly.

Mixing sugar and water is the easiest and fastest way to make peeling to your skin. You should wait 5 minutes then rinse your skin. After these applications, your skin will be ready for morning makeup. You can begin morning makeup after you complete your skin care.

Morning Makeup for Tired Skin

Foundation that does not make skin tired, should be applied to your skin. You can benefit from light closer to do this. Foundation that behaves very solid such as mold, makes skin more tired and older. You can use blush with vivid colors after closer.

Mascara should be applied only to upper lashes in morning makeup. Applying mascara to lower lashes will make your skin even more tired. Eye makeup is very important subject should be considered as a beginning point of morning makeup because it completes facial expression. One layer mascara will be enough for morning makeup. Redness and some yellow points might appear in eyes due to tiredness of previous day. White eye pencil should be applied under of eyes to try to remove it. White pen creates contrast and will display as white of your eyes.

Transparent powder application with a soft brush will show your skin more vibrant. To consume plenty of water and fruit during day will support you to feel more energetic. You should definitely apply powder to your skin with a soft brush.

Skin of people who are constantly tired and sleepy, appears thinner. Result of this situation is tired expression and dark circles under eye. If dark circles are in higher level, then daily skin care should be required. You can apply tea bags as warm for 10 minutes on a daily basis to under you eye to get rid of dark circles in a fast way. This operation that you will do every day effortlessly, will make your eyes look more rested.

Morning Makeup 2

Practical Morning Makeup in 5 Steps

Makeup and preparation for starting day is quite difficult when you just get up. You can look more attractive and beautiful by using our Practical Morning Makeup in 5 Steps recommendation in below also you can do this in a very short time such as of 10 minutes.

How Do You Practice Morning Makeup in 5 Steps?

Using BB Cream to Gain Vibrant Look

The main difference between foundation and BB creams is that BB cream provides natural appearance for your face in makeup color products. You can easily show your skin healthy with BB creams whether you do not have any blemishes or very deep acne spots on your skin. Apply BB cream to your skin and distribute cream with your makeup sponge or your fingers.


Now, it’s time to add some shining to your skin after BB cream. Bronzer contains glitters to add shine to your skin. After you apply bronzer to entire surface of your skin, you will have completed skin makeup and have a bright skin look.

Apply Nude Eyeshadow to Eyes

More makeup disturbs in the morning. Therefore you should prefer soil shades or Nude color tones in your eyeshadow color for your eyes. This will be enough to make your eyes look more effective and attractive.

Morning Makeup 3

Using Mascara

Do not leave home without applying mascara in the morning, mascara is a must. Heat your eyelash curling for 10 seconds and curl your eyelashes then apply mascara as two layers. You can have more fully and attractive eyelashes in the morning.

Lip Pencil

You should use your lip pencil in natural tones and then you can apply your lipstick if you wish. Permanent lipsticks are lifesaver for lazy girls but on the other hand this also will look more attractive in the morning.

Makeup Cleaning

Makeup Cleaning

Makeup that has already been applied, should be purified from your skin and your skin need to be wiped by using various products. To wash your skin is not enough to clean makeup from your skin. We have explained step by step makeup cleaning methods for you in our this article.

Makeup Removal Methods

You must determine your skin type before makeup cleaning. Cleaning products of each skin type are different. You must stay away from perfumed products damaging your skin.

Eye Makeup Removal

First, we will wipe our eye around by using disc cotton. Wipe your eye around gently after pouring cleaner on cotton. If you wish you can close your eyes, put cotton on your eyes for 1 minute to remove in an easier way. Your makeup will be removed more quickly after a certain time.

Face Makeup Cleaning

Now our topic is face makeup cleaning and we start with lip cleaning. You can remove your lip makeup and clean lips using same cleanser for face. Do not forget to start cleaning from forehead. Then go down as cheeks, nose and chin. You can use creamy cleanser during face cleaning if makeup remover bothers you.

Then wash your face with a suitable cleanser for your skin type.

Final step is toning process after removing your makeup. Finish makeup cleaning by wiping your skin with tonic. Tonic provides pores compression in your skin. You do not need to practice this operation only makeup cleaning. You can clean your dirty skin during the day using same method.

Makeup Cleaning 3

Make Up Cleaning

We know how women give importance to their external displays in their daily lives and they use makeup methods to perform this. Makeup cleaning is a situation that people should be extremely careful in terms of skin health. To use a variety of materials to make up your face to look good is very attractive. However, there are issues that need to be considered when makeup cleaning.

We performed extensive research on makeup cleaning tips and would like to share the results of our research below.

Makeup Cleaning 2

How Is Makeup Removed from Skin?

Type of makeup material has primary importance. As known, there are also waterproof makeup materials in stores. There are several important methods that should be applied to purify skin. These methods are;

1- Cotton should be used definitely to clean makeup from your skin. The reason of using cotton is that cotton has a soft tissue and is an agent capable to clean your skin without damage to skin.

2-You must clean your neck wherever you have applied makeup to which parts of your face,

3- It is recommended to use milk containing products for makeup cleaning. Pouring milk containing gel on cotton and cleaning makeup on your face will also be more efficient.

4- Cosmetologists have already recommended to oil and water mixture products to clean makeup around eye.

Makeup Cleaning for Oily Skin

Oily skin is one type of skin to be more sensitive and needed more attention than normal skin. There are some matters that you need to take care after you apply your makeup to your oily skin. Cosmetologists, they declared that oily skin is a problematic skin type. Therefore, you should pay attention to following recommendations.

1- Makeup materials are in an oily structure therefore when you apply these products to oily skin, cleansing process can be very long. So women who have oily skin should use water-based products.

2- Gel-based and especially milk containing cleansers will also allow oily skin to be cleansed easily and to breathe.

3- To use cotton is extremely important when oily skin cleaning. Cotton should be preferred due to different substances might contain fungal problem.

4- To use alcohol contained products should be last choice in makeup cleaning on your skin.

Makeup Mistakes

Makeup Mistakes

Women spend hours for preparation to flourish but sometimes poor results might be faced after all these preparations. We cannot understand the real reason behind of this poor result reality. Minor mistakes while trying to make you more beautiful, put you on a bad situation reversely. We have shared with you most common 6 different makeup mistakes. Let’s see what we should do for these makeup mistakes.

Skin structure changes in particular the late 30s. Many makeup or cosmetic products are used in order to cover this change. If these materials are not used consciously, you look older than you are. Time is not unique enemy of your skin. Makeup mistakes and unconscious usage of cosmetic products are main enemies of skin. Individual who know his/her own skin, avoids makeup mistakes.

Common Makeup Mistakes

Wrong Foundation

Foundation is most preferred makeup products by ladies, but it is quite problematic one. Foundation has to be applied as a thin layer to your face, matched to your skin color and not to look as mold on your face. You should not apply foundation only on your face. You need to apply foundation evenly around your neck to balance skin color between your face and neck. Otherwise you have two or more skin colors. That is very normal to have a bad appearance whether your skin color and foundation shades are in different color and you apply foundation only to your face.

Distinctive Lip Pencil

One of most common and well-known makeup mistake is lip pencil that is applied in different shades. For instance, to combine dark brown lip pencil and peach tone lipstick does not beautify you reversely this combo will damage your makeup quality. You should apply your lip pencil same tone or one tone darker with/than your lipstick. There is no world that could accept a great makeup with a lip that is enhanced by dark eggplant tone.

Predatory Long Nails

When celebrities keep their nails long, it perhaps might be seen as beautiful scenery, but you should not keep your nails long. We can share first impression with our nails, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Therefore long nails have great difficulties in terms of cleanliness and maintenance. You should not forget that there is a length limit even if you like to have long nails.

Makeup Mistakes 4

Wrong Brow Shapes

Brow is one of the most important factors that show discloses real beauty of your face. Even a small mistake in brow intake affects your posture. Your eyebrows should be neither very thin nor too thick as actual fashion. One curved, raised and oval model that suits your face between these both, has to be reflected to your face by a specialist.

Using Blush

When you apply blush more than required, it makes you to have a bad appearance whether you have a great skin infrastructure. Therefore you need to apply with gentle movement and to remove away excess of blush to minimize blush effect.

Long Shapeless Hair

Yes, Long and healthy hair is beautiful. But if you have long, shapeless and uncared hair, it means a great minus for you. Therefore you need to get a support from beauty expert to have healthy and fashionable hair.

Makeup Mistakes 2

Makeup Mistakes that Show Older or Bad Appearance

The biggest mistake made in during makeup to skin is form of foundation application. When women who are in 40+, apply foundation to her face, mostly it reveals a very poor appearance. Foundation fills all wrinkles and you create a new facial structure with more wrinkles. This mistake will look you 10 years old. Foundation should be applied as minimum to have appropriate makeup.

One of the makeup mistake made by women having cheeks sagging with age is so wrong brow intake method. Eyebrows should not be sloped downward. Skin has been already sagged and sloped downward eyebrow shows face like more upset. Eyebrows should be intaken sloped upward and you need to lightener for under of eyebrows. Eyebrows will appear more raised with lightener.

Wrong lipstick application shows you older. Powder used in order to secure lipstick, is not applied to lips as stretched, lips appear chapped and lifeless. To apply a lipstick in light tones after lip moisturizer is the most important step to get right makeup.

Very dark eye makeup might look your skin older. Especially under eye makeup shows you older. Eyes pull down and you seem pale. If possible, you should not makeup under of eye.

You get to know your own face, you can decide what is right, what is wrong for your skin. Mascara put into under of eye, often disrupts your eye structure. You need to have an eye frame to make this application.

Lips gloss with dark make-up shows you older. Despite dark makeup, if you use substances such as lip gloss; this shows you more tired and old.

If under of eye is made with more white, this situation means that is a complete disaster. Under of eye cannot be covered with white cover product. On the contrary, concealer should be compatible with neutral colors and skin tones.

To makeup is a job that requires skill. You should include your age, your position and your view of life in this makeup to fulfill this job literally. Nobody wants to look older with makeup. Therefore, you should choose a fairly light makeup with quality ingredients. Very deep applying products do not /cannot show you more beautiful.

Homemade Lip Care

Homemade Lip Care

Lip care in women is required more attention. Lips are usually soaked and intend to cracking very fast. Even if some of lips are not cracked, have dark and ragged structures. Lip care is an essential for healthy and glossy lips.

How is Done Lip Care?

  1. Peeling should be done first during lip care in women. Because peeling allows to get rid of dead skin cells. Peeling is mostly made of honey. Honey starts to create a soft and flat lip tissue after applying to lip. Honey provides a very nice base for makeup in this case.
  2. Sugars peeling process is also quite popular among women. Sugar that is granular in nature provides lip care.
  3. After peeling process, teeth should be brushed in lip care. Then you can brush your lips without press. Tip of brush will increase blood flow because tip is so hard. Your lips will have its own natural red color in a few minutes.
  4. Lips should be protected from sun and wind effect in lip care for women. Therefore lipsticks allow you to have moist lips. Moist lips do not dry and never wear out.
  5. Women who are older, have purple lip color. The reason of this that cells does not work as used to. You can apply peeling continuously to prevent this problem. You should push your lip cells to start to work. You should support to your cells because of cells cannot work.
  6. You should be careful not to wet your lips windy weather during lip care. Wet lips will be cracked and you will lose everything about your lip care.

Making Lip Moisturizer

Lips might be affected very quickly from excessive heat and weather conditions. Lips that should have constant humidity, tends to crack and dry when dehydrated. You can easily prepare our recipes at home to protect from harmful rays and air.

Herbal Lip Moisturizer

  • 1 small tube vitamin E
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 drops essential oil
  • 2 tablespoons almond butter
  • 1 tablespoon wax

Put all oils into a glass bowl and melt in double boiler method. After melting, add vitamin E as last ingredient into oil mixture. Put this lip care mixture in a small jar and store it in refrigerator. Do not forget to moisturize your lips every morning in the winter and summer months.

Benefits of Lip Moisturizer

  • It is a recipe that feeds lips and at the same time prevents lips from drying and cracking.
  • Wax provides protection from external factors in changing weather conditions by fixing itself to lips.
  • This moisturizer will be favorite lip care product of women who want permanent lip care, is rich in vitamin A and is a highly nutritious recipe.

Homemade Lip Care 3

Lip Gloss

Cranberry lip gloss gives a natural shining red to lips. This lip gloss that prevents against cracking in winter, makes lips soft and smooth by containing active substances. Find herbal Lip Gloss recipe.

Homemade Lip Gloss

  • 1 teaspoon Vaseline
  • Half a cup cranberry
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil or almond oil
  • 1 tablespoon honey

First put honey, Vaselin and olive oil in a bowl then heat by double boiler method, mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon. On the other hand, crush cranberries until mash consistency. Combine these two mixture in another bowl and heat 5 minutes. After waiting 15 minutes to cool down, apply your homemade lip gloss.

Lip Plumping Gloss

Who does not want to have plumped and gloss lips both in a great way? You do not know what  lipstick you put your lips contains as chemical and therefore no need to give a lot of money on cosmetics. Lip plumping gloss that you will make your own stuff at home, will add beauty to your health as well as beauty. Here you could find our homemade recipe.

  • 1 teaspoon pepper oil
  • 1 teaspoon food color or cherry juice
  • 1 teaspoon Vaseline
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla oil
  • 1 teaspoon Glycerin
  • 1 teaspoon aloe vera oil

Add all ingredients in a bowl and mix slowly one by one. If you add cherry juice instead of food color, you will prepare a wonderful lip plumping gloss. You should put this mixture into a gloss cream container and you can use when you want.

Homemade Lip Care 2

Lip Cream Made

You could our homemade recipe for lips that cracks and peels in winter time constantly. Ladies of all ages can use this cream due to harmless and natural ingredients in winter and summer time. You could restorative and hydrating lip cream recipe for lips.

Cream for Lips Cracking

  • 1 teaspoon chamomile oil
  • 1 piece cucumber
  • 1 teaspoon almond oil
  • 1 branch aloe vera
  • 1 empty bottle

Spend aloe vera branch from blender and then add the rest of ingredient, re-spend all of them from blender until cream consistency. Apply this cream especially before bedtime to your lips to wake up with soft and moist lips.

Eyelash Care

Eyelash Care

Lashes begin to break and rupture by mascara effect day by day. Sometimes, women should give a break to makeup otherwise this problem continues and increases multiply. Eyelash Care must be done to have a healthy and beautiful looking eyelashes. You can make eyelash care by using following care methods.

Eyelash Richer Methods

Eyelash Care with Indian Oil

  • Empty mascara container
  • Sufficient amount castor oil

Pour 3 drops castor oil into empty mascara container. Castor oil provides eyelash bottom to make stronger and richer. You can apply this mixture to your eyelash bottom as mascara before bedtime. You should be careful that mascara does not contain paint otherwise castor oil which you apply with mascara, will flow.

Care Cure for Healthy Eyelash

  • 1 teaspoon almond oil
  • 1 teaspoon hazelnut oil
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil

Put a teaspoon of all oils into a clean container and mix them. You should apply this mixture on a daily basis using a piece of cotton. Be careful during application because you should rub homogenously. This mixture should not be applied to bottom of eyelashes more than expected. If you apply more, then oils will affect your eyes and you may experience blurred vision. Herbal oils affect your eye badly.

Snake Oil for Eyelash Care

Snake oil has also positive effect for eyebrow. Snake oil is not produced from a snake. Therefore you can use snake oil for your eyelash health. Pour snake oil on to cotton then apply your eyelashes and wait for at least 30 minutes.

Eyelash Care

  1. Mascara must be cleaned deeply and in a good way during eyelash care. You can clean resisting mascara residue using even a small amount olive oil on a piece of cotton. Many women believe that when lashes are cut, they grow in a fast way. But this belief has some risks because sometimes lashes might not grow. Therefore you should not take risks. Lash grows to a certain level but then genetic and nutritional points have great role on extension.
  2. Lashes should be cleaned and makeup should be remove totally at the end of the day. Sleeping without cleaning mascara damages eyelash root. Eyelash roots will be weaken and eyelash loss begins. Therefore makeup should be cleaned from eye area. Most important point of eyelash care is to have cleaned eyelashes at the end of the day.
  3. When herbal oils are applied to eyelash; if any reactions occur in eyes, then care should be finalized. If herbal oils cause allergies in your eyes, you can use a moisturizing cream. You can massage using with a little on your fingertips cream starting from your eyelid to your upper lash. This cream is able to moisturize lashes and to look well-groomed.
  4. Lashes are not very stronger than eyebrows comparatively. Purpose of eyelashes is to protect eyes from outside. They are located in a uniform manner, surround eye area in a very nice way. Materials such as mascara cause lash loss. But eyebrows loss is more difficult than lash. Therefore while caring eyelashes, application must be done by gentle movements.

If you lose your eyelashes, you might have unsolvable problems. You might lose your eyelashes just to keep a temporal beauty. Therefore you must be very careful while applying mascara to your lashes and cleaning your lashes.

Eyelash Care 3

Care Oil for Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Sweet almond oil and castor oil are most widely used herbal materials for eyebrow and eyelash care. Mixtures that are made from castor oil and sweet almond oil, do not harm your eyebrows contrarily they nourish and moisture your eyebrows. After care application to your eyebrows, eyebrows’ color will be more attractive and distinct.

Eyebrow Eyelash Care Oil (Castor Oil)

Castor oil as made of oil of seeds that are harvested from trees and it make eyebrows softer, slippery and helps eyebrows to grow smoothly out. Castor oil is one of rich content oils for lip care.

Eyebrow Eyelash Care Oil (Sweet Almond Oil)

Almond oil that has great impact for skin problems, is very nutritious herbal oil in eyebrows, too. It moisturizes, nourishes eyebrows and provide eyebrows to grow faster. But when bitter almond oil is applied to eyebrows, it should be strictly avoided to touch to eyes.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Care Oil

  • 1 teaspoon sweet almond oil
  • 1 teaspoon castor oil

Put as equal amount of castor oil and sweet almond oil into a bowl and mix all of them. Apply to your eyebrows using a piece of cotton. You can apply this mixture to eyelashes directly mixing with mascara. You can apply this mixture twice in a week but is you should clean after waiting 1 hour. You should use rose water to clean your eyebrows. Rose water will nourish your skin as well as to repair your skin.

Eyelash Care 2

 Herbal Solution for Eyebrow Growth

Our experts recommend that your eyebrows will re-grow with herbal eyebrow enhancer mask. Eyebrows are very important to be a part of your facial beauty therefore you should not get any application from anyone that you do not know. You should know the expertize level of person. Because when you have eyebrows loss, you should need more time and patience to wait eyebrows re-growth.

Addition to eyebrow enhancer mask, you should comb your eyebrows with a clean toothbrush to both side in 5-10 minutes. Because of this, blood circulation will accelerate and eyebrow loss will be reduced.

Herbal Brow Enhancer Mask

  • 2 dry figs
  • ¼ cup milk
  • 2 gauzes

Put ¼ cup milk into a pot and boil it slightly. Pour milk from pot to a bowl and then add dry figs. Crush figs in the milk until mash consistency and apply this mash to your eyebrow. After waiting half an hour, wash your eyebrows with cold and warm water. Apply this mask once in 2 days to your eyebrows.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

If your eyelashes appear short and infrequent, there is inevitably a lack of look in your eyes. Eyelash extensions deepens your looks and reveal beauty of your eyes. If you want to accentuate your look or to be more noticeable at special nights, you should make permanent eyelashes application.

You can entirely decide and adjust length of eyelashes in permanent eyelash process. Your look will have deeper meaning when you have extended eyelashes. This application that adds eyelashes to your natural eyelashes, feels you there is no difference between new and natural eyelashes.

If your eyelashes are short or long, straight and hard, to curl upward or downward and to extend are possible. Eyelash extension aesthetic that are applied with glue, keratin and tailor-made solution, has no detrimental effect to your lashes and your eye. There is a damage to hair in perming process, but aesthetic eyelash perming has no harm to your eyelashes.

How to Apply Eyelashes?

After thoroughly cleansing your lashes, special rolls were produced to lashes are glued by placing right bottom of your lashes. Then extension application starts with a special bar on the roll. After entire eyelash are adhered with roll, a special solution will be applied and then waited. On the other hand, eyelash expert provides dissociation bar and eyelashes. Then rolls are removed using wet cotton. Steps;

  • Eyelash extension application takes about 45 minutes.
  • Usage period is about 3.5 – 4 months.
  • You should re-visit expert who makes this application to eyelashes to control.
  • There is no harm to your eye and no breakage or spillage.
  • You can apply all kind of mascara to lashes after application. But you will need to use it.

Eyelash Extensions 2

Eyelashes Extension Persistence Time

You will collect all glance with your long eyelashes when you wake up, on seaside, on pool side in everywhere and every time. Eyelashes extension persistence time is changing from person to person but minimum 1 month till 4 months based on good taking care. You can add new if there is a loss such as falling down or spilled.

After Eyelashes Extension

  • After this application, you can make-up, swim, wash your face comfortably. There is no difference of your own lashes and usage is very easy. You should only be gentle when washing your face and removing your makeup.
  • 3 weeks after extension you should go to your expert to check whether you need new or not due to loss.
  • Key points of look is certainly deep eyelashes. You will have fuller and longer eyelashes with extension.

Eyelash Extensions 1

Extension Application Time and Price

Average extension time is about 45 – 60 minutes. It is applied hair by hair and specified carefulness. You do not feel any discomfort and pain during process. Price varies according to beauty center and eyelashes level but average price range is from 75 $ to 200 $.

Benefits of Tonic

Benefits Of Tonic

After face is wiped with an appropriate cleansing gel for skin structure then is washed with tonic. Tonic gets more fat on your skin and allows pores to shrink. Let’s learn together what tonic is an important tips when choosing a tonic.

After washing our skin, PH balance of skin is changed and disrupted therefore skin starts to work more and raise fat ratio on skin. Tonic usage prevents to fatten by helping to establish PH balance of the skin faster.

Tonic prevents closing of pores and accumulation of fat and dirt in these pores.  Some tonics have moisturizing feature and help to retain moisture of skin. Tonic that cleans oil and dirt from skin, adds freshness to your skin.

Tonics that clean smoke, fog and other chemicals that are kept by your skin, provide you to have a healthy and brighter appearance. In this way it is avoided emergence of problems such as pimples and blackheads problems and wrinkles are prevented.

Acne might put permanent scars on the skin if treatments are not applied correctly. People who have acne problems on skin, have more dull and unhealthy skin. In these cases, skin structure is oilier and therefore you can get rid of excess oil and dead skin cells using tonic.

Tonic will provide moisturizer to affect better to skin after tonic usage. Tonic will clean chlorine and other chemicals from your skin, and will tighten your skin.

How Is Tonic Used?

  • You should clean your skin with an appropriate cleanser for your skin structure.
  • Take a piece of cotton, pour tonic on this cotton then rub your skin with this cotton by circular motion. Change frequently and use new cotton not to keep dirt and fat.
  • Avoid to apply around eye.
  • You should not forget to apply moisturizer to your skin after tonic usage. People who have oily skin structure, should choose fat-free moisturizer.

Natural Tonic for Acne

  • 1 bottle mineral water
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice

You can mix mineral water and lemon then apply this mixture to your skin directly using a piece of cotton. You should prepare fresh for each time when you want to apply to your skin.

Natural Tonic for Oily Skin

  • 5 mL apple cider vinegar
  • 3 drops Peppermint oil
  • 50 ml Lavender water

Put all ingredients into a glass bowl and mix them all. Fill this mixture in a glass bottle and apply this mixture twice in a day as in morning and evening. Mixture can be applied to your skin by using cotton and you can keep in refrigerator for 15 days.

How Do You Do Green Eye Makeup

How Do You Do Green Eye Makeup 2

Women who have green eyes, are more fortunate than others on eye makeup. Makeup that is done to green eyes, would have been more pronounced. If individual choose correct colors for eye makeup, eye is taken foreground and individual gets impressive look.

We have shared in our article ideal and complementary colors for makeup for women who have green eyes. You could have more impressive and attractive eyes using and taking into account these recommendations.

Far Colors for Green Eyes

Purple Shades: Purple and shades are absolutely indispensable colors of green eyes. You could use each color between purple to claret red and have more attractive green eyes.

Green Shades: Green shades is another option to use that you can use, except purple eyeshadow shades. You can choose any color from dark to light green eyeshadow shades.

Copper and Gold Shades: If you are interested in shimmery makeup, you should prefer gold and copper shades as eyeshadow color. After your eye makeup, you could apply copper or gold shades eyeshadow to your eye end and have a more vibrant look.

Eyeliner and Eye Pencil: Green-eyed ladies should not use black eyeliner or black pencil for their eye makeup. If you would like to use an eyeliner or eye pencil, you might use gray or brown shades eye pencil. You can soften your look and make your look more attractive to use gray and browm shades eye pencil. Based on this info, you should choose brown shades mascara.

Attention to Silver Shine: If you attend a special night or a crazy party, silver shades applied to green eyes, creates frustration. If you would like to create a vibrant shimmer in your eyes as mentioned above, you should prefer gold and copper shades. Silver shades eyeshadow either makes your look dull or makes green eyes uninspiring.

Orange Colors for Green Eyes: Orange is not often used color. Therefore, orange color and green eye shadow compliance should only be preferred in summer and sea days. An orange hat and orange eyeshadow can provide a very good fit.

Claret Red Shades: Women who have green eyes should prefer claret red color during makeup. Claret red color can be easily used if you go to a night party. Night makeup that is made with claret red color, gives good results. You can be the nicest person in the party.

Eye Shadow Colors Should Not Be Used For Green Eyes

You should not use repulsive and cold colors such as black, silver or blue. These colors will cause your green eyes look dull and cold.

Makeup Tips According to Hair Color

There is a deep connection between green eyes makeup and hair color. For example; pink eyeshadow might fit for a woman who has yellow hair and green eyes. But if hair is black, in that case pink eyeshadow would be unpleasant.

Green Eye Makeup Preferential Based on Eye Shape

  • If you have large eyes, you should use dark colors to endpoints of your eyelids, light colors to your inside of eyelids.
  • If you have lower eyelid, you should use light colors to endpoints of your eyelids, dark colors starting from endpoints to middle of eyelid.
  • If you have small eyes, you should light shade to under eye and eyelid then you have larger eyes.

Mascara for Green Eyes

Black pen application as mentioned above will be valid for mascara application. Mascara color that you will apply to green eyes, should be in brown shades. Mascara that is 2-3 times applied, will make your eye color becomes more marked.

Lipstick Colors Befit Green Eyes

Light pink or pink lipstick might be preferred to mark green eyes. Green eyes should use red lipsticks only on special occasions. Brown shades is the only color that you should not.

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Vitiligo Treatment Methods

Vitiligo Treatment Methods

Vitiligo is a kind of disease that is result of loss of pigment that gives color to skin and creates white spots on the skin. Vitiligo may begin to emerge in anywhere of skin but most probably is seen on lips, face, arms, legs and genital area

Generally, incidence of vitiligo in human is around 2% and vitiligo effects are seen under 20ths. This disease is related to genes.

Vitiligo Development Process

This disease is seen as white milk color on the skin. White spots can be seen between color tones. People have a rapid loss of pigment in beginning of disease. Skin that whiten in a rapid way, stops losing pigment due to explained reason. Each patient has a different disease process. If your skin type is white, you understand this disease in summer time when you are under sun. Disease expands quickly in people who have brown skin. Pigment loss is directly proportional to the disease severity and can affect the entire body. Loss of pigment is not controllable.

Vitiligo Treatment Methods

There is no significant, defined treatment method. To avoid skin from sun light is very important for light skin people. Vitiligo patients can use special makeup products to cover area with a loss of pigment. Needle-making process is applied in small areas to color the skin. Ultraviolet treatment might reactive the pigments. Successful results can be obtained with the new treatment method called immunotherapy within two months.Herbal creams and treatments often are not preferred in vitiligo treatment. To apply herbal treatment to pigment loss area, might accelerate spread speed of disease. Treatment process is directly proportional to disease spread area.

Vitiligo Cover Creams

Vitiligo is a kind of frustrating disease and affects women psychology quite badly. You can use concealer cream for vitiligo that creates white spot on the skin. To apply these creams is very important. For example, you cannot evaluate your moisturizer and these creams in same level. Otherwise, vitiligo looks worse and cream becomes non-beneficial.

These creams that we share, should be applied only on the white spots. You can apply these creams as thin layers until you reach required color. But you should not apply a big plenty of cream at once, you should apply step by step and layer by layer. These creams have 5 days effect in normal condition but in summer time and in sea, this effect decreases till 2 days.

Viticolor Vitiligo Concealer Gel Cream

Apply cream gently to middle of stain with flat side of apparatus in the box. Especially, it is recommended to apply before bedtime in the evening. Because this cream needs 8 hours to affect in a correct way. It is the best to apply in the evening, if you go to any invitation or meeting.

Viticolor Vitiligo Concealer GelDrula Vital Pigment Vitiligo Cream

Drula vitiligo should be used as protective cream in the summer. This cream has 8 months expiration time therefore after opening, this cream should be consumed within this period. You can easily apply to vitiligo are with your finders even if there is no apparatus. But after applying cream, you should care to clean your hands well. It is known that there is no side effect to apply to skin.

Drula Vitiligo Cream
Kryolan DERMACOL Camouflage Vitiligo Cream

This cream is very successful in closing both marks of sunspot and tattoo. You can choose the closest color to your skin color of cream products that is available in different colors. This cream is sold as palette with 3 different colors. Therefore, you can use different color in different season time for your skin.


Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage
Vichy Dermablend Foundation

This cream that is able to withstand up to 16 hours and cover daily vitiligo spots. Foundations have no permanence as this cream. You should use this products closest color to your skin color. This product makes equal deployment and makes smoothness.

If you have vitiligo disease, you should pay attention to apply an additional protection cream for sun exposure.


Vichy Dermablend


Natural Makeup Remover

Natural Skin Care

Individuals who do not want to use cosmetics to clean up makeup, can get rid of makeup remnants preparing makeup remover at home with simple ingredients. Makeup remover is compatible with all kind of skin structure and also it provides an in-depth care of your skin.

Natural Makeup Remover

  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon sweet almond oil
  • Half a glass milk
  • 3 drops lavender oil
  • 1 cucumber

After crushing cucumber and get juice then put all ingredients into cucumber juice and mix them all. You could apply this mixture using a piece of cotton then remove your makeup and cleanse your face. You can store this mixture in the refrigerator for 1 week. You should re-prepare at the end of 1 week.

Apple Makeup Remover

  • 400 grams of milk
  • 1 teaspoon apple butter
  • 1 apple

Grate apples without peeling their shell and mix with milk then bake this mixture. Then crush using robot and filter by a strainer. Finally, add apple oil and then put the mixture in a glass jar. You can use as a makeup remover whenever you want.

Natural Eye Makeup Remover

  • 5 tablespoons of rose water
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil

Fill rose water and olive oil into an empty bottle and shake the bottle well. You can also use this mixture as your makeup remover at any time. After dropping a small amount of this mixture to  a piece of cotton, you can clean your make-up around the eye.

How to Remove Red Nail Polish?

Nail polish that is applied to nails, is not removed from nails in a correct way, cause a bad appearance. If polish color is red which means you have a nightmare. You could use our recommendations to remove polish from nails in an easy way.

Pour acetone on a piece of cotton, then wait this cotton on your nails about 4-5 seconds. You should avoid cotton to move anywhere. If cotton moves, then red polish will touch cuticle and have a bad appearance.

Cautions before Nail Polish

Another method is to apply Vaseline to cuticles before removing red polish from the nails. Vaseline that is applied to cuticles will be a kind of shield for cuticles therefore red polish will not have a bad appearance during removal.

How to Remove Eyelashes Extensions?

Eyelashes extensions that is women’s hidden beauty weapon, adds different meaning to the glance. Women who have sparse lashes, can have more sexy and attractive glance with help of eyelashes extension.

Removing Process of Eyelashes Extensions

  • Pour several drops from eye makeup remover to a piece of cotton.
  • Put the cotton that is applied cleaner, on your eyelids for 30 seconds.
  • Take the cotton and gently remove your eyelashes extensions at the end of time.
  • Remove remaining adhesive on extension without any damage and put extensions in a box which will not be disappeared.