Vitiligo Treatment Methods

Vitiligo Treatment Methods

Vitiligo is a kind of disease that is result of loss of pigment that gives color to skin and creates white spots on the skin. Vitiligo may begin to emerge in anywhere of skin but most probably is seen on lips, face, arms, legs and genital area

Generally, incidence of vitiligo in human is around 2% and vitiligo effects are seen under 20ths. This disease is related to genes.

Vitiligo Development Process

This disease is seen as white milk color on the skin. White spots can be seen between color tones. People have a rapid loss of pigment in beginning of disease. Skin that whiten in a rapid way, stops losing pigment due to explained reason. Each patient has a different disease process. If your skin type is white, you understand this disease in summer time when you are under sun. Disease expands quickly in people who have brown skin. Pigment loss is directly proportional to the disease severity and can affect the entire body. Loss of pigment is not controllable.

Vitiligo Treatment Methods

There is no significant, defined treatment method. To avoid skin from sun light is very important for light skin people. Vitiligo patients can use special makeup products to cover area with a loss of pigment. Needle-making process is applied in small areas to color the skin. Ultraviolet treatment might reactive the pigments. Successful results can be obtained with the new treatment method called immunotherapy within two months.Herbal creams and treatments often are not preferred in vitiligo treatment. To apply herbal treatment to pigment loss area, might accelerate spread speed of disease. Treatment process is directly proportional to disease spread area.

Vitiligo Cover Creams

Vitiligo is a kind of frustrating disease and affects women psychology quite badly. You can use concealer cream for vitiligo that creates white spot on the skin. To apply these creams is very important. For example, you cannot evaluate your moisturizer and these creams in same level. Otherwise, vitiligo looks worse and cream becomes non-beneficial.

These creams that we share, should be applied only on the white spots. You can apply these creams as thin layers until you reach required color. But you should not apply a big plenty of cream at once, you should apply step by step and layer by layer. These creams have 5 days effect in normal condition but in summer time and in sea, this effect decreases till 2 days.

Viticolor Vitiligo Concealer Gel Cream

Apply cream gently to middle of stain with flat side of apparatus in the box. Especially, it is recommended to apply before bedtime in the evening. Because this cream needs 8 hours to affect in a correct way. It is the best to apply in the evening, if you go to any invitation or meeting.

Viticolor Vitiligo Concealer GelDrula Vital Pigment Vitiligo Cream

Drula vitiligo should be used as protective cream in the summer. This cream has 8 months expiration time therefore after opening, this cream should be consumed within this period. You can easily apply to vitiligo are with your finders even if there is no apparatus. But after applying cream, you should care to clean your hands well. It is known that there is no side effect to apply to skin.

Drula Vitiligo Cream
Kryolan DERMACOL Camouflage Vitiligo Cream

This cream is very successful in closing both marks of sunspot and tattoo. You can choose the closest color to your skin color of cream products that is available in different colors. This cream is sold as palette with 3 different colors. Therefore, you can use different color in different season time for your skin.


Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage
Vichy Dermablend Foundation

This cream that is able to withstand up to 16 hours and cover daily vitiligo spots. Foundations have no permanence as this cream. You should use this products closest color to your skin color. This product makes equal deployment and makes smoothness.

If you have vitiligo disease, you should pay attention to apply an additional protection cream for sun exposure.


Vichy Dermablend



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