How To Get A Smooth Makeup Finish

How To Get A Smooth Makeup Finish

Do you want to have a smooth makeup as one of Victoria’s Secret models? You could have a smooth makeup eliminating acne, wrinkles and stains on your skin with a few simple procedure.

How To Do Smooth Makeup

Apply Primer Concealer

After applying your daily moisturizer on your skin, apply primer concealer to your skin as a thin layer. If you apply concealer first without moisturizing, you cause your wrinkles to be pointed out. From this point, In this regards, you absolutely must apply moisturizer.

Do Not Forget Foundation

You should choose liquid foundation with silicon effect to make your skin perfect. Foundation should not be luminous or matt. Luminous foundation causes your skin to appear oily and matt foundation shows your skin as straight. In this regards, you need to check whether foundation is slim, transparent and clear. Therefore, the foundation that you apply must contain silicone liquid, must be transparent and must have high density pigment.

Foundation Color

Women, most probably, apply over their hand or inside of their wrist during shopping in cometics stores. This is not a correct way to understand and choose foundation. You should apply to yoru neck area then decide and choose foundation color. Because neck skin color is the closest to the face skin color. When you apply foundation to your face, also apply to your neck area. Therefore if foundation fits to your neck area, it will also show same effect in your face.

Balance Foundation During Application

You must learn well how you need to apply foundation to your face if you do not want your foundation to look like a mask, like a mold on your face. The main point is to apply minimum foundation to your face, because more is not suitable for your face. You should apply once to your jaw, forehead, cheekbone area and nose. You need to apply well with your fingers or sponge in only way.

Distribute With Your Fingers

Distribute foundation with your fingers at first. Because foundation that is distributed by your fingers, diminishes the appearance of lines on your face.

Synchronize With Sponge

After distribution with your fingers, get accumulated excess foundation with a sponge. Apply Beauty Blender to your skin and avoid foundation to appear as a mask, a mold.

Hide Imperfections In Your Skin

If your acnes and spots appears seem obvious on your skin, after you apply foundation then you need use concealer to cover them. Distribute concealer as a thin layer using makeup brush to imperfections in your skin. You need to use a concealer to cover dark circles in under-eye area.

Apply Powder

You must apply powder to your nose, cheeks and forehead. You are able to avoid skin shining in problematic area using a great makeup rush and powder.

Black Eye Makeup

Black Eye Makeup

Ladies who have black eye, are able to foreground their natural beauty by following our recommendations. Black eye becomes quite remarkable when used proper makeup techniques.

You should choose darker shades for black eye. You must use correct makeup techniques for black eye makeup that suits ladies who are brown and light-skinned.

How To Do Black Eye Makeup

Smoky eye makeup that women with black eye often prefer to have, is simple but very effective eye makeup application. The color of eyeshadow under of eyes should be preferred as black and dark gray colors. You could use black pencil for under of eye and use eyeshadow brush to distribute pencil effect. After all these actions, you could have smoky eye makeup. In final stage of smoky eye makeup, you need to use plenty of mascara.

You can achieve great results just by using eyeliner in the absence of makeup materials for black eye makeup. You can highlight your eyes line using black pencil.

Women with large and black eyes, can use blue shades when doing eye makeup. You should choose brown, dark blue, navy blue and gray colors during makeup for black eyes. These colors would highlight beauty of your eyes with black mascara.

Women who have small and black eyes, should be careful when applying eye makeup.  Black pencil should not be used for inside of eye while doing makeup for small. Using white pencil inside of eyes and black pencil outer parts of eye will make your eyes look bigger.

Women who want differences in black eye make-up, may reveal their real eye color using pastel shades. Such as Light blue, pink colors make black eye color more pronounced. The choice of mascara can be in brown and blue colors.

Women who want to have sharp gaze, might use black pen for under of eye as a thin line. This kind of makeup will make sharper and meaningful gaze. Also you will be favorite of other people with this makeup and proper clothing.

During black eye makeup, you should make plain choices for the rest of your face. You can make a significant black eye makeup and highlight your point of view using pink shades lipstick and nude shades blush.

Eye Makeup Techniques

Eye Makeup Techniques

Eye make-up is one of the most important and notable part of face. You do eye contact during communication with other people. Therefore you need to use benefits eye makeup techniques.

During eye makeup, concealer that you use for around your eye, sometimes becomes your enemy. Concealers around wrinkles of 30 years and older women, looks women older. Therefore, you should apply tissue powder after concealer application.

Contrast colors should be selected from color scheme for eye makeup. Contract color of blue is brown. You should choose the most appropriate color for your eyes using contrast color scheme. Green does not fit with black eye color. Yellow, pink and black suit for black color in color scheme.

You should absolutely use black eye pen, if you want your eye lashes appear fuller and voluminous. Your pen that you apply till eyelashes end on upper eyelid, will effect of having more lush lashes.

If your eyes are so convex outwardly, you should apply black peen on inside of upper eyelid. Your eyes will appear as if eyes were more inwardly.

Women who complain of having small eyes, they should apply white pencil to bottom of their eyes. Applying white pen is a kind of trick that reveals your eye color more than other things. By this, your eyes become larger and more meaningful. If you do not have white pencil, you can do the same operation with skin color pen.

You should never use black pen on your bottom of eyes whether you have enough wrinkles in your eye bottom. Black pen used inside of your eyes, shows your older. Because of attention would be on bottom of your eye, your wrinkles will emerge. Therefore, you should use pastel color as eyeshadow to distract the attention.