Eyelash Care

Eyelash Care

Lashes begin to break and rupture by mascara effect day by day. Sometimes, women should give a break to makeup otherwise this problem continues and increases multiply. Eyelash Care must be done to have a healthy and beautiful looking eyelashes. You can make eyelash care by using following care methods.

Eyelash Richer Methods

Eyelash Care with Indian Oil

  • Empty mascara container
  • Sufficient amount castor oil

Pour 3 drops castor oil into empty mascara container. Castor oil provides eyelash bottom to make stronger and richer. You can apply this mixture to your eyelash bottom as mascara before bedtime. You should be careful that mascara does not contain paint otherwise castor oil which you apply with mascara, will flow.

Care Cure for Healthy Eyelash

  • 1 teaspoon almond oil
  • 1 teaspoon hazelnut oil
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil

Put a teaspoon of all oils into a clean container and mix them. You should apply this mixture on a daily basis using a piece of cotton. Be careful during application because you should rub homogenously. This mixture should not be applied to bottom of eyelashes more than expected. If you apply more, then oils will affect your eyes and you may experience blurred vision. Herbal oils affect your eye badly.

Snake Oil for Eyelash Care

Snake oil has also positive effect for eyebrow. Snake oil is not produced from a snake. Therefore you can use snake oil for your eyelash health. Pour snake oil on to cotton then apply your eyelashes and wait for at least 30 minutes.

Eyelash Care

  1. Mascara must be cleaned deeply and in a good way during eyelash care. You can clean resisting mascara residue using even a small amount olive oil on a piece of cotton. Many women believe that when lashes are cut, they grow in a fast way. But this belief has some risks because sometimes lashes might not grow. Therefore you should not take risks. Lash grows to a certain level but then genetic and nutritional points have great role on extension.
  2. Lashes should be cleaned and makeup should be remove totally at the end of the day. Sleeping without cleaning mascara damages eyelash root. Eyelash roots will be weaken and eyelash loss begins. Therefore makeup should be cleaned from eye area. Most important point of eyelash care is to have cleaned eyelashes at the end of the day.
  3. When herbal oils are applied to eyelash; if any reactions occur in eyes, then care should be finalized. If herbal oils cause allergies in your eyes, you can use a moisturizing cream. You can massage using with a little on your fingertips cream starting from your eyelid to your upper lash. This cream is able to moisturize lashes and to look well-groomed.
  4. Lashes are not very stronger than eyebrows comparatively. Purpose of eyelashes is to protect eyes from outside. They are located in a uniform manner, surround eye area in a very nice way. Materials such as mascara cause lash loss. But eyebrows loss is more difficult than lash. Therefore while caring eyelashes, application must be done by gentle movements.

If you lose your eyelashes, you might have unsolvable problems. You might lose your eyelashes just to keep a temporal beauty. Therefore you must be very careful while applying mascara to your lashes and cleaning your lashes.

Eyelash Care 3

Care Oil for Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Sweet almond oil and castor oil are most widely used herbal materials for eyebrow and eyelash care. Mixtures that are made from castor oil and sweet almond oil, do not harm your eyebrows contrarily they nourish and moisture your eyebrows. After care application to your eyebrows, eyebrows’ color will be more attractive and distinct.

Eyebrow Eyelash Care Oil (Castor Oil)

Castor oil as made of oil of seeds that are harvested from trees and it make eyebrows softer, slippery and helps eyebrows to grow smoothly out. Castor oil is one of rich content oils for lip care.

Eyebrow Eyelash Care Oil (Sweet Almond Oil)

Almond oil that has great impact for skin problems, is very nutritious herbal oil in eyebrows, too. It moisturizes, nourishes eyebrows and provide eyebrows to grow faster. But when bitter almond oil is applied to eyebrows, it should be strictly avoided to touch to eyes.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Care Oil

  • 1 teaspoon sweet almond oil
  • 1 teaspoon castor oil

Put as equal amount of castor oil and sweet almond oil into a bowl and mix all of them. Apply to your eyebrows using a piece of cotton. You can apply this mixture to eyelashes directly mixing with mascara. You can apply this mixture twice in a week but is you should clean after waiting 1 hour. You should use rose water to clean your eyebrows. Rose water will nourish your skin as well as to repair your skin.

Eyelash Care 2

 Herbal Solution for Eyebrow Growth

Our experts recommend that your eyebrows will re-grow with herbal eyebrow enhancer mask. Eyebrows are very important to be a part of your facial beauty therefore you should not get any application from anyone that you do not know. You should know the expertize level of person. Because when you have eyebrows loss, you should need more time and patience to wait eyebrows re-growth.

Addition to eyebrow enhancer mask, you should comb your eyebrows with a clean toothbrush to both side in 5-10 minutes. Because of this, blood circulation will accelerate and eyebrow loss will be reduced.

Herbal Brow Enhancer Mask

  • 2 dry figs
  • ¼ cup milk
  • 2 gauzes

Put ¼ cup milk into a pot and boil it slightly. Pour milk from pot to a bowl and then add dry figs. Crush figs in the milk until mash consistency and apply this mash to your eyebrow. After waiting half an hour, wash your eyebrows with cold and warm water. Apply this mask once in 2 days to your eyebrows.


  1. Hello! Lately, my eyelashes were falling and I didn’t know what to do since I like to wear mascara a lot. Thanks for the tips, now I take my mascara off every day and wash my face at night also, I’ve been applying dermal MD oil for eyelashes and the results have been amazing! thanks for the help!

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