The Perfume Buying Guide That You Must Have When Shopping For Fragrances

The Perfume Buying Guide That You Must Have When Shopping For Fragrances

Finding a perfume that will be right for you can at times be a daunting task. Most of the times are when you will buy a fragrance because you heard it worked for a friend, but you may end up disappointed when it does not work for you.

That’s why you should be very careful when choosing a perfume. Selecting a perfume is a personal choice. In the case where you select a wrong perfume, it can have an effect on your esteem, as your perfume fragrance is your personal signature. People will remember you because of the fragrance you wore. People will notice you have walked in a room because of the fragrance you are wearing.

The Perfume Buying Guide That You Must Have When Shopping For Fragrances 2

However, armed with the proper knowledge, choosing a perfume will be an easy task. The first step in choosing the right fragrance is identifying the various families of fragrance. The most popular classes of fragrance are:

Floral family– This is the most popular of all families. The floral family may be a smell of a single petal or a large banquet. They may include touches of scents such as gardenia, rose, lily of the valley etc. When choosing a
fragrance based on the floral fragrance family it would be wise to choose a fragrance of a floral scent you enjoy.

Oriental-Well, the name speaks for itself here. These fragrances are exotic in general and they tend to be sensual. These types of fragrances are ideal for a nighttime wear. They sometimes have notes like Vanilla and amber.

Woods– This type of fragrances consist of notes from the various aromatic woods. Cedar wood, Oak, Sandalwood, Pine and Patchouli are sometimes present in this fragrance as well. Woody scents tend to be very rich and strong and hence that’s why most men’s fragrances tend to fall in this category.

Fresh –This scent is ideal for those with an outdoor personality. This fragrance includes scents such as the smell of fresh spring in the air and airy notes.

The Perfume Buying Guide That You Must Have When Shopping For Fragrances 3

Choosing A Perfume According To Personality

The next step after identifying the fragrance families would be to link up the fragrance family types with your personality in order to yield the best results. These are some of the most common personalities that might help you when choosing a fragrance;

Outdoor or Sporty personality – If you love outdoors and your idea of a weekend out is cycling, camping, mountain climbing or other sports activities then the floral family should be the best selection for you. This is because you would like your perfume complimenting you rather than commanding a room.

Elegant – If your weekends are lined up with dinner parties or you love attending cocktail parties, then the Oriental family of perfumes should be on your top list. Oriental family of perfumes tends to stay for longer and have that commanding effect once you enter a room.

Modern man – If you like to keep up with modern trends of clothes, then the floral family of perfumes should be best for you.

Girl next door –If you are that shy and sexy girl, the woods class of perfumes should work for you. Though the name sounds a bit masculine, Wood family of perfumes helps in bringing out the sex appeal of a lady.

Always ensure you ask for advice from the fragrance shop expert. They will help you make a better choice.

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