How To Care Your Body While On Your Period

During your period there are some hygiene practices you will need to follow to make this time as comfortable and as healthy as possible for your body.

Your preferred style of sanitation

There are quite a number of means to use such as tampons, menstrual cups and the most common, sanitary napkins or towels. Other women opt for various types of sanitary towels on particular days of their periods and some use different protection methods. However, other women favor sticking to a specific brand and type. You would be better off trying to use one brand or type of protection for a bit so as to determine if it suits your needs. Changing brands frequently can be uncomfortable for you because brands are specially made and suit different people differently.

Regular changing

Menstrual blood becomes contaminated by the body’s native organisms and even vaginal sweat once it has left the body. These organisms tend to multiply when in a moist and warm place for long periods of time, resulting in conditions such as Urinary Tract Infections, skin rashes and vaginal infections. You should, therefore, aim to change your sanitary after every 6 hours and after every 2 hours for tampons. On days where the flow is less you may need to change them less frequently, but make sure the intervals are still regular.

How To Care Your Body While On Your Period 2

Regular baths or washes

This is important to wash excess blood that may collect around the vagina away and also in the elimination of a bad odor emanating from the vaginal region. Make sure you wash the labia and the vagina before changing into a new pad or wiping with tissue or toilet paper.

Avoid use of vaginal hygiene products or soap

The following are unnecessary because they can kill good bacteria paving the way for infection and the vagina is self-cleaning ensuring it balances out the good and bad bacteria. Just use warm water to regularly wash the area and soap can be used on the external parts, but not inside the vagina or the vulva.

How To Care Your Body While On Your Period 3Proper disposal of sanitary products

Used sanitary products should be discarded properly because they can spread infections and smell very badly. Wrap them well beforehand to contain the infection and smell and ensure not to flush them down the toilet to prevent blockage and back up. Wash your hands well after doing so.

Bathing regularly

Even though it may seem like obvious advice, but some cultures believe that women should not bathe while on their periods. Bathing cleanses the body and provides an opportunity for you to sufficiently clean your privates. Bathing also eases menstrual cramps and even backaches and it can also improve your mood and relieve bloating. Cramps and backaches can be relieved by standing beneath a warm shower directed towards your lower abdomen or back.

Be prepared with period stuff on-the-go

Always have extra tampons or sanitary pads stored well in a clean pouch, paper towels or tissues, a soft towel, hand sanitizer among other things. It’s important to have extra sanitary products due to regular changing in the course of the day. Some of the other emergency supplies are essential for sanitary purposes while changing.

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