Healthy Nail Care Practices For The Best Nails

Healthy Nail Care Practices For The Best Nails

Healthy nails make your hands look better in appearance and as such you need to adapt some nail care practices to improve your nail health. Therefore we prepare our advices below for you to have healthy nails.

1- Avoid cutting your cuticles

Cuticles are the end of the skin, thus they are supposed to there as an obstacle for bacteria. Alternatively, push the cuticles back with an exfoliating treatment that’s waterless. Apply the treatment generously to all the nails at the point where the nail meets the skin, then push back the cuticle gently with a cuticle pusher. Make sure to go around the cuticle region a few times so as to attain a clean cuticle. Wipe the cuticle with cotton.

2- Avoid sawing back and forth

Doing this makes the nails weak, therefore keep in mind that the nail shape that looks best on you is the best option. When shaping nails, look at the hands from all angles, then file the nails from the outer edge going into the middle of the nail and never back and forth.


Hand Care For Dry Hands3- Nails should not be used as tools

Don’t use the nails for menial tasks in the home such as opening up boxes or letters because this can bend them back and you could even risk weakening and breakage of the white area or the stress area.

4- Eat a well- balanced diet

In order to get nails that are strong and healthy, you should eat a diet with lots of protein. This is because the nails are constituted of protein and so this is the first thing you should increase in your diet. Things you can eat more of are beef, lean poultry, fish and pork. Not to mention, spinach and other vegetables rich in protein. Incorporate a Biotin supplement as well to promote growth and strengthening of the nails. Keep cuticles and nails hydrated by drinking more water as well.

5- Avoid peeling off old nail polish

This will worsen the nail bed and result in damage. Applying too much polish causes peeling so apply thin coats, allowing enough drying time in between so the solvents evaporate sufficiently. This will make it last longer. Base coat and top coat are also essential. Wear gloves when cleaning to make the manicure last longer.

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6- Get manicures and use moisturizer for your hands and nails

Weekly manicures are essential to ensure the nails are equal in length and shape and so that the cuticles are pushed back. You can always benefit from moisturizing your hands because your nails will look a lot better and your skin will be more hydrated. Use a hand cream or even coconut oil after washing your hands all through the day.

7- Take it easy with hand sanitizers

Be careful not to apply it to the nails or overuse it because it can dry out the hands and nails. Take caution with soap as well because it can be drying too.

8- Be careful with nail product chemicals

Some polishes may have harmful ingredients or chemicals; therefore, you should try and look for chemical-free nail polishes. Look for products that don’t have formaldehyde, camphor, toluene, and formaldehyde resin or dibutyl phthalates.

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