Body Changes During Pregnancy

Body Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can come with quite a number of changes some may be good and some may not be so accommodating. Here are some of the ways you can deal with some of these changes.


This is caused by pregnancy-induced hormonal changes which, when added to the growing tummy, can increase chances of washing up of stomach acid into the throat. You can ease heartburn by eating smaller, more frequent meals, avoiding greasy food, caffeine and smoking, eating and chewing food slowly, waiting at least 30 minutes before lying down after eating and trying antacids like calcium carbonate which is a calcium supplement as well.

Morning Sickness

This normally goes away after the first trimester but some women have it right until delivery of the baby. Relieve morning sickness by eating smaller, frequent meals and drinking lesser quantities of liquids a few times a day never just after or before a meal, having small, healthy snacks prior to getting out of bed in the morning then resting for 15 minutes, stay away from smells or foods that may trigger it, eating cold instead of hot food to remove some of the smell, smelling ginger or lemons to ease the stomach, taking your prenatal vitamin together with food to avoid stomach upset, and asking about Diclectin from your doctor which is a prescribed anti-nausea drug for pregnant women.

Skin Care in PregnancyFatigue

This is not new given that your body is doing quite a large amount of work. The best solution would be to rest as much as you need to, even if it will mean changing your schedule and asking for assistance with house chores.

Repeated Urination

This will mostly be in the 1st trimester because of human chorionic gonadotrophin pregnancy hormone. It can recur again in the 3rd trimester. Solutions would include avoiding caffeine and liquids in the evening and before bed, whenever you feel the need, go to the bathroom and lean forward when urinating to aid in the better emptying of the bladder.


Food progresses more slowly via the body during pregnancy to allow for better absorption of nutrients not to mention constipation can also be caused by Iron supplements. To remain regular you’ll need to eat foods with high fiber, drink lots of fluids, and remain active and whenever you feel the need, go to the bathroom urgently.

Stretch Marks Removal

Itchy Tummy and Stretch Marks

Reduce the chances of getting stretch marks by attempting to add no more than 35 pounds or 16kg for a majority of women. Lotion can be applied to moisturize the skin thus avoiding an itchy belly. Stretch marks might disappear after the birth of the baby.

Sore Back

The increasing size of the uterus, which is a deviating center of gravity and relaxing ligaments can result in back pain for lots of pregnant women, particularly in the third trimester. Relieve back pain by wearing a shoe with a low heel, lifting with the legs and not the back, rolling onto your side prior then pushing yourself with your hands when getting up, selecting chairs with ideal lumbar support and putting a small pillow behind the small of the back when sitting.

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