Why Mole Occurs On Skin

Why Mole Occurs On Skin

Melanin that gives color to our skin, cannot be distributed equally on our skin and collected a single point emerge mole on the skin. Mole may also be emerged in adolescence and old age and also be inborn.

Harmful rays of the sun is another important factor that causes moles on the skin. Moles are known as not harmful but on the other hand, it might be a precursor of cancer in rare cases. The sun’s rays is able to darken the color of mole on the skin and there could be darkening in color of moles in pregnancy.

Medical sciences have not yet found a clear answer why moles occur on the skin. The moles that are partly harmless and leading to skin cancer in some cases, mainly emerge in sun-exposed areas of the body.

Mole Treatment

There are various treatment methods for mole therapy. Herbal therapy and laser therapy are the most preferred methods among all methods for mole treatment. It is possible to apply treatment to your skin with herbal mixture prepared at home with natural ingredients.

Herbal Treatment For Mole

  • 1 teaspoon of yoghurt
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda

Mix baking soda and yoghurt in bowl and apply the mixture your skin where has mole. After waiting 45 minutes, remove mixture of rubbing your skin. You can visit our Herbal Treatment page to get more mask and cream recipe.

Laser Treatment For Mole

It is one of the most effective methods. Laser treatment allow you to get rid of your moles withour any stain on your skin. After the laser treatment, the probability of moles re-emerge is around 10%. This ratio is much higher in other treatment methods or mole. Removing moles by laser takes approximately 30 minutes and process will be no painful with a local anesthetic is applied.

Is Mole Splitted Off?

Splitting Off moles creates extremely harmful effects to human health. Many researches confirm that Splitting off moles cause skin cancer. The risk of wound mole area is under very high risk to get infection therefore doctor advice is very important in these kind of situation. Larger wounds and various skin disorders may occur in severed mole area. Laser treatment will be enough for cosmetic mole problem but you should a dermatologist for asymmetric mole problem to reduce the cancer possibility.

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