What Is Skin Cancer

What Is Skin Cancer

Early diagnosis is very important in the treatment of skin cancer. Aged and damaged cells in our body leave from the body and replace the area with new cells. New cell creation before old and damaged cells die causes tumor creation called tissue mass due to disturbances in this mechanism.

Tumors could be two types, benign and malignant. Benign tumors usually do not constitute a death risk and not to spread to other tissues after treatment tends. Malignant tumors can grow after treatment and can spread to the surrounding tissues and organs.

If this disease so-called skin cancer is not detected in the early stages, can cause annoying stains and wounds on the skin.

What Are The Symptoms Of Skin Cancer?

  • Occuring blisters and scars on the skin senselessly.
  • Change in color, size and shape of current or new spot on the skin.
  • Occuring Pink, red, brown and black blisters. This blister could bleed or dry in the next stages.
  • Incrustation, discoloration, bleeding and itching on moles.
  • Crusting without any reason on the skin.
  • Moles on the skin
  • Spots on the skin that seems to have occurred due to the effects of aging, sun and blistering can be a precursor of skin cancer. Therefore such blisters and stains must be surely controlled.

Does Skin Cancer Kill Me?

Skin cancer has 3 different varieties as “Basal Cell Skin Cancer”, “Squamous Cell Skin Cancer” and “Melanoma”. Melanoma is the most dangerous type among these and mortality is the highest.

Early diagnose of skin cancer deriving moles, is extremely important due to the cancer species. Light-skinned, freckle-prone skin to burn and you have the structure in the sun and I have many more you carry your risk of developing melanoma. I must have your skin checked regularly.

If your skin is light-skinned, freckle-prone or sunburn-prone and if you have mole on your skin, you have high risk to get melanoma. You must have checked the moles on your skin regularly.

Prevention Ways of Skin Cancer

The Protection From The Sun: Mostly, skin cancer is seen on the skin where is exposed to more sunlight. You should always keep children out of direct sunlight at noon time.

Solarium Danger: It is a big lie that solarium is much healthier than sunlight. Melanoma cancer detection rate of regularly solarium using before age 30 is more than 75 percent.

Sunscreen: You should use quality sunscreen or sprays to protect your skin against the sun’s harmful rays. If you could not decide to choose sunscreen, you can check out our recommendations about sunscreen by visiting our issues.

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