Painless Wax

Painless Wax

No painless way is available during wax process, therefore, no pain is almost impossible. Feeling pain is very natural during wax operation due to removal of hair from the root. To relieve the pain during wax operation might be impossible but you can ease the pain by applying methods that we share with you.

You should set a good wax timing to have the most painless way for wax process. Wax process that has close timing to menstrual process will cause you to feel more pain. Therefore, you must set wax timing when you are in menstruation cycle.

Wax selection is an important factor to prevent pain during wax process. Network, the network name given warm sugar sticks to the skin and cause more pain to be felt more shooting. Those who want to opt for painless network must avoid warm wax. You can network by choosing painless waxing. This kind of network that lets you feel less painful than hot wax, are sticking to your skin and just stick to make. In this way also greatly decreases the pain felt when the network.

Sugar waxes that are called warm waxes, adhere to skin very much and cause you to feel more pain during removal from the skin. People who do not want to feel pain, should avoid to prefer using warm waxes. This wax method that makes you to feel less pain in comparison with     hot waxes, does not adhere to your skin and adhere only to hairs. Therefore, pain greatly decreases during wax process by this way.

Wax affects to hair and hair follicles and provides you to feel less pain. Wax process made with powder containing wax is less painful than others. Another reason for pain reduction of waxing is weakening hair follicle at each time.

You can use support of creams that reduces pain for painless wax. This cream that is put on the skin before wax process, could make you to feel regional numbness and provides you not to feel pain. EMLA cream that is the most popular cream, is used to relieve pain prior to wax. This cream should be applied 1 or 2 hours before waxing, provide to create local numbness and allows you to wax painlessly. The women use EMLA cream for waxing, say “they feel no pain or very little.”

Wax process in hot environment causes that pain – you to feel- will increase. Before starting waxing, you should be in a cool environment the network and you should not sweat. Therefore waxing in winter causes less pain. During summer time, waxing in an air-conditioned room will significantly reduce the sensation of pain.

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