How To Prevent Underarm Sweat and Smell

How To Prevent Underarm Sweat and Smell

You could benefit from natural herbal mask and cures to prevent underarm sweating, you can use these masks and cures as alternatives to deodorant cosmetic products. Using a lot of deodorant cosmetics for your underarm prevents air flow by curtain effect and therefore there could be darkening problems in your underarm area.

You could find solution to the sweating problem began to be a problem especially in summer by useful masks that prevent smell of sweat and underarm sweat. In recent years, botox treatment method have begun to be widely used in underarm sweating.

How To Prevent Underarm Sweating

Apple Vinegar: Mix apple vinegar and a little water and apply this mixture to your underarm area. Wait 20 minutes and then clean your skin. Apple vinegar reduces underarm sweating and prevents bad odors.

Lemon Treatment: Apply lemon juice to your underarm area before bedtime to prevent underarm sweating and clean your skin in the morning with wet wipe. You will recognize that this mixture reduces sweating during daytime.

Creams: Antiperspirant creams and lotions are intended to prevent sweating by blockage of sweat gland channels in underarm area. These are preferred due to short duration of their action.

Choice Of Clothing: You should choose breathable clothes to prevent underarm sweating in summer. Cotton and clothes that keep cool underarm, prevent sweating.

Botox Treatment: Botox method is able to control underarm sweating. Some substances injected into sweat glands are able to control and prevent underarm sweating.

Prevention Underarm Sweat Odor

You could benefit from natural ingredients instead of cosmetic products to prevent unpleasant odors of underarm sweating. Cosmetic products used in underarm area might cause underarm darkening problems by preventing of skin breathe.

  • Lemon juice
  • Baking powder

Add baking powder into lemon juice until reaching dough consistency and apply the mixture to your underarm area. Clean your skin after waiting 10 minutes. When you repeat this application three days in a week, it prevents the smell of sweat. Additionally, to drink 1 cup sage will support preventing underarm sweating.

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