Herbal Solutions For Sweating

Herbal Solutions For Sweating

Sweating is a body response to temperature, which fixes the heat and allows moisture the skin. Sweat gland problems have been seen in some people due to excessive sweating problems. Sweat glands located underarm and genitals area, secrete usually foul-smelling liquids. You can prevent excessive sweating and bad odor using herbal methods.

Herbal Remedy For Sweating

  • 1 cup water
  • 5 grams fennel

Boil 5 grams fennel in 1 cup water for 5 minutes and then drink as fresh. You can significantly reduce sweating by drinking this mixture of 3 days in a week.

Natural Solution For Sweating

  • Apple or grape vinegar
  • Honey

Mix the honey and vinegar in warm water and drink 2 times in a day, in morning and evening. This mixture removes the sweat occurring in hands and feet.

Cinnamon Cure For Sweat Smell

Cinnamon is a drinkable plant. Cinnamon tea is prepared and consumed one cup per day. This application reduce heavy smell of sweat.till an acceptable level.

Underarm Sweating Solution

  • Lemon juice
  • Baking powder

Mix lemon juice and baking powder, stir all of them till reaching dough consistency. Apply this mixture to your underarm and wait 10 minutes. After waiting, clean your skin. This mixture resolves bad odor and excessive sweating if you apply this mixture 3 times in a week regularly.

Natural Treatment For Palm Sweating

  • 1 cup sea salt
  • 1 cup apple vinegar

Add sea salt and apple vinegar into water which has amount you can put your hands. Put your hands into the water with full of ingredients and wait 20 minutes. Your palms sweat will decrease when you repeat this practice 1 in a day.

Herbal Solution For Palm Sweating

  • 1 basin saltwater
  • 1 tablespoon dried mint
  • 1 lemon peel
  • 2 tablespoons of baby powder

Mix all the ingredients with your hands and put your hands into the mixture. Wait 20 minutes. You can reduce palm sweating problem repeat this application 2 times in a day.

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