From Discontent To Confident: Dealing With Face Imperfections

From Discontent To Confident Dealing With Face Imperfections

Let’s face it: how many times did you remove the tag on some of your Facebook photos because you thought the angle was not that flattering? How many times did you analyze your skin, face lines, and wrinkles in front of a mirror, feeling so far from beautiful? Science-backed data says women are more likely to feel inadequate, self-critical, and self-conscious in comparison to men. Self-acceptance is hard, but the trick is to become aware of what you can change for the better, in order to feel comfortable in your skin. Take a deep breath: there’s a solution to everything.

Taking care of blemishes and acne

Small discolorations or hyperpigmentation are pretty common and harmless, but aesthetically they don’t look very nice. You can easily cover them up with makeup: the key is finding the right products that provide a maximum coverage base. That means choosing the products with the right shade, structure, and ingredients. You can also schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and discuss the possibility of a chemical peel. Acne are a more serious skin condition that is almost always a psychological burden and very hard to handle. Sure, you can use makeup to hide them, but you might want to consult a dermatologist and see what you can do in the long run, so you take care of the cause instead of handling the symptoms.

From Discontent To Confident Dealing With Face Imperfections

Faking a smaller nose

Most women turn to the art of contouring to slim down their noses. Apply a concealer that’s two shades lighter than your skin tone to both sides of your nose. Cover up the area that goes under your eyes (to the outer corner) all the way to the border of your cheekbones, and make sure you reach the skin from your nostrils all the way to the bridge of your nose. Add two darker shaded lines along the bridge of your nose to narrow it. Blend it all in and touch up if necessary. If you want a more permanent solution, consider getting a nose job. When deciding to do so, you should turn to reputable and trustworthy experts. In Australia, the most experienced surgeons in rhinoplasty Sydney will introduce you to all the details of the procedure and give you the best possible natural-looking results, so that you feel good about yourself without makeup, too. Always ask for recommendations: satisfied clients are the key to choosing the right doctor.

Big or wide forehead

Although they say a high forehead is a sign of intelligence, you may be self-conscious about it. Luckily, you can use makeup and optical illusions to narrow it and make it look smaller. A forehead usually appears big because of the high hairlines or low eyebrows, so an easy solution would be a camouflage: bring back the bangs! If you’re not really down to such a radical change, you can change your part and make it a side one, so that you draw attention away from the forehead. Make your hairstyle eye-catching (think waves and volume) so that you create a diversion, or enhance some other part of your face. And of course, use the power of makeup to make it look smaller.

From Discontent To Confident Dealing With Face Imperfections

Pesky enlarged pores

With pores, it’s all about prevention: obviously, you cannot get rid of them, but you can reduce their size and improve how they look with proper care. Don’t use products that clog your pores (e.g. bar soaps): turn to gentle cleansers instead. Always remove your makeup before bed and go easy on the exfoliators. Use products that are rich in niacinamide: it can help you reach a more smooth and tightened look! Establish a good beauty routine to get the most out of your look.

With smart cosmetic choices and makeup, you can easily cover up or completely get rid of face imperfections, and what’s more important – ensure a healthy looking skin in the future.

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