Why Your Detox Program Might Not Be Working

Why Your Detox Program Might Not Be Working

Everybody wants to detox so as to remove toxic material from our bodies. Most experts recommend January as the best month to be on a detox program so as to flush out toxins ingested during the Christmas craze. However, many are the times we will go on a detox and become frustrated when the detox is not working. Breaking a single rule in a detox program is costly and can paralyze the detox draining your efforts down the drain.

Here are several reasons on why your detox program might not be working:

1. Starving yourself

One of the main reasons for a detox is to maintain a clean eating program. Most of us tend to think that starving ourselves is the ultimate way to flush toxins out of our bodies but sadly that is not the case. Any diet under 1200 calories is dangerous as it will cause the body to starve. In turn, pangs of hunger will chip in and you will tend to overeat so you end up gaining more weight.

Why Your Detox Program Might Not Be Working 3

2. Not eating enough vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are the keys to a successful detox program. Not taking enough fruits and vegetables complicates the detox program as these are essential in aiding digestion in our bodies. Fruits and vegetables also help in minimizing our hunger pangs. Nutritionists highly recommended taking five portions of vegetables a day.

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3. Not taking enough water

Water is an important ingredient for a successful detox program. Nutritionists recommend taking about 8 to 12 glasses of water every day. To most people this might sound a bit hard, but there is an easy way of achieving that. The best way to hit the 8-12 glasses watermark is to keep a bottle of glass water on your desk and take a sip after every 10 minutes. You will be surprised that by the end of the day you will have taken close to 12 glasses in total. Some people are so bent on hitting the 12 glasses mark by taking four glasses of water at a go, 3 times a day. This will help you achieve the 12 glasses mark, but unfortunately the water will not perform as it should.

4. Animal protein

Nutritionists always advice on maintaining a balanced diet during our detox. Proteins must be included in the detox. When detoxing, vegetable proteins are recommended as they are low in fats and calories. On the other hand, animal proteins contain high cholesterol and fat. Replace milk, eggs and meat with vegetable proteins such as soya beans and nuts and you will be surprised at how fast you will lose those calories.

5. Taking alcohol alcohol and caffeine

Detoxing nutritionists highly advise us to stay away from alcohol. Alcohol is high in calories. Taking a glass of wine once in a while would be better as wine contains fewer calories. Caffeine is also not healthy when detoxing and that’s why nutritionists advise us to take herbal tea instead of coffee and tea.

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