Why We Love Nail Wraps

Why We Love Nail Wraps 4

If you have never tried nail wraps before, what are you waiting for? Nail wraps are an easy way to get a salon-like manicure at a lower cost and they are simple to do in the comfort of your own home. Available at most drugstores and online through specialty retailers, nail wraps are becoming the new way to do your nails at home. Here’s why we love them.

They Are Affordable

Most packs of nail wraps run less than ten dollars for a full set, cheaper than you can get your nails done at any salon. You will also need a top coat to go on top of the nail wraps if you want to give them a better longevity, and usually it is not included with the nail wraps.

Why We Love Nail Wraps 3

There Are Lots of Designs to Choose From

From comic book characters to enchanted castles and everything in between, nail wraps can have simple glitter designs, or you can show off your love for a character or show using your nail wraps. They are sure to draw a lot of attention, and they look like they are nails done professionally too.

They are Easy to Apply

Just measure the wraps against the size of your nails and trim with scissors before applying. You press the sticker on, file it where it meets the end of your nail, add a top coat and you are done! Easy, gorgeous looking nails that take about twenty minutes and cost half as much as a salon.

Why We Love Nail Wraps 2

They Last Longer Than a Traditional Manicure

Nail wraps are designed to stay in place for about two weeks and can be easily removed by peeling them off. The best part is, since it is only a sticker, they do not damage your nails like acrylics and gels. The most it may leave behind is some sticky residue that can be easily removed with any nail polish remover. The best part is, they don’t chip like regular nail polish. If you find one corner of your nail wrap is lifting, simply press it back down into place and seal it on with a touch of top coat.

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