Why to Wear Lipstick?

Why to Wear Lipstick

Lipstick that has been begun to be used more than 5000 years before, still retains its popularity even today. Lipstick and its own raw materials have been discussed so much in terms of ingredients and production also main raw material of lipstick is wax. Some lipstick factories use animal products for lipstick production and also content of lipstick is said to cause cancer and poisoning. This content is still used in some countries, although it continues to use banned in many European countries.

Lipstick Production and Its Components

  • Cerebrosides (bovine nervous system cell) (for a smooth appearance and keeping humidity)
  • Castor oil and varieties
  • Chemical dyes
  • Cochineal (for red color)

Why to Wear Lipstick?

Lipsticks can be produced using different materials due to production methods and characteristics. Fish scales provide lipstick to glare also some of lipsticks contain pearl essence. Vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea oil are used to produce lipstick softer. Additionally, many lipsticks contain aloe vera, chamomile oil, beetroot and turmeric extract. Oil and beeswax present main structure of lipstick. Lipstick contains herbal oils, mineral oil, lanolin and cocoa oil except castor oil. The most commonly used wax is carnauba.

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Dangerous Substances Used in lipstick

You should absolutely read and check ingredients list on lipstick when you buy a lipstick. You should make a fast research (on internet) even if you will buy a known brand lipstick.

Lead: When cosmetics containing lead are ingested; they might cause cancer, anemia, behavioral disorder, infertility and ability disorder to learn.

Paint Made of Tar: Red 40 is a mark on lipstick and shows that some ingredients of lipstick is made of coal tar. When this substance is digested, it causes headache, nausea and skin irritation.

Artificial Fragrances: If you use synthetic fragrant lipstick, this lipstick causes your lips dry and crack.

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How Lipstick Applied?

A perfect lipstick shows you more attractive and sexy and shows your lips fuller. You could follow our instruction to get all details of lipstick applications.

First Choose Correct Base before Lipstick

You should pay required attention during applying foundation or base to your skin. Lipstick on the lips with a neutral base color, shows itself more impressive. This method which is preferred by women who uses light color, provides wrinkles on lips are less noticeable.

Highlight Contours

You should highlight your lips just starting above your lips with a pen whose color is close to your skin color or lipstick color. You will get a non-disperse lipstick and fuller lips.

Apply Your Lipstick

You should apply your lipstick to your lips with a brush by soft movement. You will get a full match in color and homogenous distribution.

Remove Excess Lipstick

To remove excess lipstick will support your lipstick to be more permanent. Press tissues lightly on your lips and pull off. If you prefer a mat appearance on your lips, you should apply a little powder.

Requirements for Mat Lips

You should use pencil for your entire lip whether you would like to have mat lip color. Mat lips show your total beauty in a soft appearance and enhance your lips shape intensively.

Requirements for Gloss Lips

You should highlight your lips using pen, apply lipstick and lip gloss whether you would like to have gloss on your lips.

Enhance Color

You are able to enhance your lips color applying second times your lipstick after removing excess of lipstick. This provides you to show your lips more sexy.

Thick Your Lips

You need to learn some tricks not to create bad appearance during thicken lips. You should thicken your lips using a pencil (without exaggeration) and highlight lip curl. Then you should apply lipstick through curl, then distribute gently this lipstick with a brush or your fingers.


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