The Bare Minimum Anti-Aging Routine

The Bare Minimum Anti-Aging Routine

If you are too busy in the morning to spend your time with a cleanser, toner, detoxifying lotion, serum, eye cream and a moisturizer, you are not alone. So how do you get radiant, youthful looking skin while doing the absolute bare minimum?

Skincare definitely shouldn’t be seen as a chore, but if you really want to only spend a couple of minutes a day taking care of your skin, you want to make sure you have some of the best products and routine available to give you what you need.

The Bare Minimum Anti-Aging Routine 1

Cleanse and Exfoliate

Target fine lines and wrinkles with an anti-aging cleanser, and then make sure to exfoliate at least twice a week, preferably with a detoxifying exfoliant. This helps slough off the dead skin cells that build up and leave your skin looking dull. Remember to cleanse twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening to remove all of the days dirt, makeup and residue.

Choose An Anti-Aging Serum

If you really want to tackle aging, you’ll need more than just a cleanser and moisturizer. Adding in a serum with retinol, collagen or hyaluronic acid will help you take on those pesky lines and wrinkles. You can use retinol products at night so you aren’t rushing a routine in the daytime, but this step is essential.



Using a moisturizer is another essential step in an anti-aging skincare routine. Choose an anti-aging moisturizer that feels light on your skin; you don’t want to feel like your skin is being weighed down. If you have oily skin, consider using a moisturizer that has more of a gel-like feel to it. Always get a moisturizer with sunscreen. If your favorite cream does not come with sunscreen, make sure you purchase one. Sunscreen is essential to stop the damaging effects of the sun from penetrating your skin cells.


  1. Thank you for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your
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  2. I’m one of those people with limited time to do the morning face rituals. But I do it! It’s all about time management. If you don’t have the time, then make the time. How you maintain your face shows how much you value it.

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