Reasons Of Underarm Darkening

Reasons Of Underarm Darkening

Underarm darkening might be caused by sweating in underarm area and disregard in skin care. Underarm darkening can be treated with natural methods in a short time and is no longer a big issue. You can apply herbal mask that we share, to whiten your underarm area.

How Do You Make Underarm Skin Care?

Underarm Redness

After removing hair in or cleaning your underarm area, you should not use alcohol-based products. Alcohol-containing products may lead to irritation and redness in your underarm area where you have just cleaned. If redness occur in your underarm area after epilation, you should pay attention not to stand under sunlight after epilation.

Underarm Skin Care

First, you must get rid of underarm hair for underarm skin care. You can laser epilation, wax or razor to get rid of underarm hair. Laser hair removal – laser epilation is one of the most effective way in these methods.

You can prevent the sweat smell if you apply aloe vera gel to your underarm area after removal hair in your underarm by razor.

Cleaning underarm area before wax and wiping lemon juice or baby powder after wax prevent potential darkening in your underarm area.

Prevent Underarm Sweating

You can use the support of corn flour or carbonate to remove the smell of sweat and reducing sweat in underarm area. Carbonate and corn flour take moisture and therefore prevent sweating in underarm. Applying sage to underarm is also significantly reduces sweating.

Hair removal on a regular base is very important in underarm area to prevent underarm sweating. Using soap to clean underarm in daytime is effective to remove bacteria from the region and thus effectively prevents sweat smell.

If you do not eat food with aroma, you can prevent sweat smell problems. Another precaution for preventing sweat smell in your underarm is to choose cotton underwear.

If you are really uncomfortable with excessive sweating problem in your underarm, you should read our article which we propose, about Botox Method for underarm excessive sweating problem.

 Herbal Treatment For Underarm Darkening

  • 1 teaspoon vaseline
  • 1 teaspoon apple juice
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice

Mix well all ingredients (lemon juice, apple juice and vaseline) in equal proportions. To mix by fork provides us to ensure that mixing of apples and lemon juice with Vaseline. Waiting a while at room temperature before mixing will provide a better mix of materials. Apply the mask to your underarm area and wait 15 minutes and then clean your skin. This mask can fix and maintain darkening problem in underarm area. You could repeat once in every 2 days. You can visit our subject Underarm Darkening article for more recommendations.

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