Paraffin Hand Treatment

Paraffin Hand Treatment

Paraffin is a product entirely of chemical substances away that shows positive results in worn hand and feet. You could reach desired result by paraffin hand and foot care within a short time due to preventive effect of paraffin on hand and feet deformation.

Paraffin Hand Foot Care

Paraffin care should be applied in weekly cures, is one of indispensable treatment forms especially during winter time. Paraffin has a vitamin containing structure and these vitamins are obtained from fruit extracts. Paraffin removes dead cells from the skin and also has reviving effect on skin.

Pre-Action Of Paraffin Hand Foot Care

  • Before paraffin hand and foot care, manicures and pedicures procedures are completed.
  • After nail care has been done, a gel having disinfecting property must be massaged to the nails.
  • Gel has to be absorbed to hands and feet in-depth.
  • Preparation for paraffin application is performed using an emulsion containing collagen before paraffin application. Main reason for this preparation is balancing fat ratio on the skin.

Paraffin Care Treatment For Hand And Foot

  • After above application steps, hands and feet that have to be cared, are soaked into liquid paraffin.
  • After waiting for a while, hands are take out from liquid paraffin. After creating a freeze layer of paraffin on hands, cover the paraffin layer by stretch film.
  • Then wear glove hands.
  • Feet are also covered as hands to increase paraffin effect.
  • Paraffin reacts in different ways according to skin needs on hold for 10 minutes.
  • Paraffin waiting time on the skin is up to 15 minutes in people who have dry skin.
  • Remove the stretch film at the end of the waiting period.
  • As final step, apply cream to make the skin smooth and process is finished.

Effect of Paraffin Hand Foot Care

  • The effect of paraffin continues approximately 5 days.
  • Your hands and feet keep soft and well maintained image day after day.
  • But if your skin is very dry, paraffin loses its effect after 2 days. Therefore, paraffin treatments should be continued regularly every week.

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