Morning Makeup

Morning Makeup

You might be extremely exhausted when you get up in the morning. You can apply our morning makeup recommendations to refresh your view in a quick way and you can be ready in a short time. Facial care is very important in the morning before applying makeup.

Morning Skin Care

Your eyes may be swollen and there might be some wrinkles around your eye when you wake up in the morning. Therefore, you should keep on you under of your eye a bag of ice for 5 minutes to swell down. Then you need peeling for your skin to revitalize your skin quickly.

Mixing sugar and water is the easiest and fastest way to make peeling to your skin. You should wait 5 minutes then rinse your skin. After these applications, your skin will be ready for morning makeup. You can begin morning makeup after you complete your skin care.

Morning Makeup for Tired Skin

Foundation that does not make skin tired, should be applied to your skin. You can benefit from light closer to do this. Foundation that behaves very solid such as mold, makes skin more tired and older. You can use blush with vivid colors after closer.

Mascara should be applied only to upper lashesย in morning makeup. Applying mascara to lower lashes will make your skin even more tired. Eye makeup is very important subject should be considered as a beginning point of morning makeup because it completes facial expression. One layer mascara will be enough for morning makeup. Redness and some yellow points might appear in eyes due to tiredness of previous day. White eye pencil should be applied under of eyes to try to remove it. White pen creates contrast and will display as white of your eyes.

Transparent powder application with a soft brush will show your skin more vibrant. To consume plenty of water and fruit during day will support you to feel more energetic. You should definitely apply powder to your skin with a soft brush.

Skin of people who are constantly tired and sleepy, appears thinner. Result of this situation is tired expression and dark circles under eye. If dark circles are in higher level, then daily skin care should be required. You can apply tea bags as warm for 10 minutes on a daily basis to under you eye to get rid of dark circles in a fast way. This operation that you will do every day effortlessly, will make your eyes look more rested.

Morning Makeup 2

Practical Morning Makeup in 5 Steps

Makeup and preparation for starting day is quite difficult when you just get up. You can look more attractive and beautiful by using our Practical Morning Makeup in 5 Steps recommendation in below also you can do this in a very short time such as of 10 minutes.

How Do You Practice Morning Makeup in 5 Steps?

Using BB Cream to Gain Vibrant Look

The main difference between foundation and BB creams is that BB cream provides natural appearance for your face in makeup color products. You can easily show your skin healthy with BB creams whether you do not have any blemishes or very deep acne spots on your skin. Apply BB cream to your skin and distribute cream with your makeup sponge or your fingers.


Now, itโ€™s time to add some shining to your skin after BB cream. Bronzer contains glitters to add shine to your skin. After you apply bronzer to entire surface of your skin, you will have completed skin makeup and have a bright skin look.

Apply Nude Eyeshadow to Eyes

More makeup disturbs in the morning. Therefore you should prefer soil shades or Nude color tones in your eyeshadow color for your eyes. This will be enough to make your eyes look more effective and attractive.

Morning Makeup 3

Using Mascara

Do not leave home without applying mascara in the morning, mascara is a must. Heat your eyelash curling for 10 seconds and curl your eyelashes then apply mascara as two layers. You can have more fully and attractive eyelashes in the morning.

Lip Pencil

You should use your lip pencil in natural tones and then you can apply your lipstick if you wish. Permanent lipsticks are lifesaver for lazy girls but on the other hand this also will look more attractive in the morning.


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