Makeup Mistakes

Makeup Mistakes

Women spend hours for preparation to flourish but sometimes poor results might be faced after all these preparations. We cannot understand the real reason behind of this poor result reality. Minor mistakes while trying to make you more beautiful, put you on a bad situation reversely. We have shared with you most common 6 different makeup mistakes. Let’s see what we should do for these makeup mistakes.

Skin structure changes in particular the late 30s. Many makeup or cosmetic products are used in order to cover this change. If these materials are not used consciously, you look older than you are. Time is not unique enemy of your skin. Makeup mistakes and unconscious usage of cosmetic products are main enemies of skin. Individual who know his/her own skin, avoids makeup mistakes.

Common Makeup Mistakes

Wrong Foundation

Foundation is most preferred makeup products by ladies, but it is quite problematic one. Foundation has to be applied as a thin layer to your face, matched to your skin color and not to look as mold on your face. You should not apply foundation only on your face. You need to apply foundation evenly around your neck to balance skin color between your face and neck. Otherwise you have two or more skin colors. That is very normal to have a bad appearance whether your skin color and foundation shades are in different color and you apply foundation only to your face.

Distinctive Lip Pencil

One of most common and well-known makeup mistake is lip pencil that is applied in different shades. For instance, to combine dark brown lip pencil and peach tone lipstick does not beautify you reversely this combo will damage your makeup quality. You should apply your lip pencil same tone or one tone darker with/than your lipstick. There is no world that could accept a great makeup with a lip that is enhanced by dark eggplant tone.

Predatory Long Nails

When celebrities keep their nails long, it perhaps might be seen as beautiful scenery, but you should not keep your nails long. We can share first impression with our nails, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Therefore long nails have great difficulties in terms of cleanliness and maintenance. You should not forget that there is a length limit even if you like to have long nails.

Makeup Mistakes 4

Wrong Brow Shapes

Brow is one of the most important factors that show discloses real beauty of your face. Even a small mistake in brow intake affects your posture. Your eyebrows should be neither very thin nor too thick as actual fashion. One curved, raised and oval model that suits your face between these both, has to be reflected to your face by a specialist.

Using Blush

When you apply blush more than required, it makes you to have a bad appearance whether you have a great skin infrastructure. Therefore you need to apply with gentle movement and to remove away excess of blush to minimize blush effect.

Long Shapeless Hair

Yes, Long and healthy hair is beautiful. But if you have long, shapeless and uncared hair, it means a great minus for you. Therefore you need to get a support from beauty expert to have healthy and fashionable hair.

Makeup Mistakes 2

Makeup Mistakes that Show Older or Bad Appearance

The biggest mistake made in during makeup to skin is form of foundation application. When women who are in 40+, apply foundation to her face, mostly it reveals a very poor appearance. Foundation fills all wrinkles and you create a new facial structure with more wrinkles. This mistake will look you 10 years old. Foundation should be applied as minimum to have appropriate makeup.

One of the makeup mistake made by women having cheeks sagging with age is so wrong brow intake method. Eyebrows should not be sloped downward. Skin has been already sagged and sloped downward eyebrow shows face like more upset. Eyebrows should be intaken sloped upward and you need to lightener for under of eyebrows. Eyebrows will appear more raised with lightener.

Wrong lipstick application shows you older. Powder used in order to secure lipstick, is not applied to lips as stretched, lips appear chapped and lifeless. To apply a lipstick in light tones after lip moisturizer is the most important step to get right makeup.

Very dark eye makeup might look your skin older. Especially under eye makeup shows you older. Eyes pull down and you seem pale. If possible, you should not makeup under of eye.

You get to know your own face, you can decide what is right, what is wrong for your skin. Mascara put into under of eye, often disrupts your eye structure. You need to have an eye frame to make this application.

Lips gloss with dark make-up shows you older. Despite dark makeup, if you use substances such as lip gloss; this shows you more tired and old.

If under of eye is made with more white, this situation means that is a complete disaster. Under of eye cannot be covered with white cover product. On the contrary, concealer should be compatible with neutral colors and skin tones.

To makeup is a job that requires skill. You should include your age, your position and your view of life in this makeup to fulfill this job literally. Nobody wants to look older with makeup. Therefore, you should choose a fairly light makeup with quality ingredients. Very deep applying products do not /cannot show you more beautiful.


  1. Absolutely amazing article – every word is on point! Yes, yes, yes! So many people make these and don’t really learn! I think I made every mistake you mentioned at some point but it’s because I wanted to learn how to do what’s best for my face 🙂 THANK YOU!

  2. Most of us made some of these mistakes at least once in our lives, like using the wrong foundation and wrong brow shape! Great post.

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