Makeup Cleaning

Makeup Cleaning

Makeup that has already been applied, should be purified from your skin and your skin need to be wiped by using various products. To wash your skin is not enough to clean makeup from your skin. We have explained step by step makeup cleaning methods for you in our this article.

Makeup Removal Methods

You must determine your skin type before makeup cleaning. Cleaning products of each skin type are different. You must stay away from perfumed products damaging your skin.

Eye Makeup Removal

First, we will wipe our eye around by using disc cotton. Wipe your eye around gently after pouring cleaner on cotton. If you wish you can close your eyes, put cotton on your eyes for 1 minute to remove in an easier way. Your makeup will be removed more quickly after a certain time.

Face Makeup Cleaning

Now our topic is face makeup cleaning and we start with lip cleaning. You can remove your lip makeup and clean lips using same cleanser for face. Do not forget to start cleaning from forehead. Then go down as cheeks, nose and chin. You can use creamy cleanser during face cleaning if makeup remover bothers you.

Then wash your face with a suitable cleanser for your skin type.

Final step is toning process after removing your makeup. Finish makeup cleaning by wiping your skin with tonic. Tonic provides pores compression in your skin. You do not need to practice this operation only makeup cleaning. You can clean your dirty skin during the day using same method.

Makeup Cleaning 3

Make Up Cleaning

We know how women give importance to their external displays in their daily lives and they use makeup methods to perform this. Makeup cleaning is a situation that people should be extremely careful in terms of skin health. To use a variety of materials to make up your face to look good is very attractive. However, there are issues that need to be considered when makeup cleaning.

We performed extensive research on makeup cleaning tips and would like to share the results of our research below.

Makeup Cleaning 2

How Is Makeup Removed from Skin?

Type of makeup material has primary importance. As known, there are also waterproof makeup materials in stores. There are several important methods that should be applied to purify skin. These methods are;

1- Cotton should be used definitely to clean makeup from your skin. The reason of using cotton is that cotton has a soft tissue and is an agent capable to clean your skin without damage to skin.

2-You must clean your neck wherever you have applied makeup to which parts of your face,

3- It is recommended to use milk containing products for makeup cleaning. Pouring milk containing gel on cotton and cleaning makeup on your face will also be more efficient.

4- Cosmetologists have already recommended to oil and water mixture products to clean makeup around eye.

Makeup Cleaning for Oily Skin

Oily skin is one type of skin to be more sensitive and needed more attention than normal skin. There are some matters that you need to take care after you apply your makeup to your oily skin. Cosmetologists, they declared that oily skin is a problematic skin type. Therefore, you should pay attention to following recommendations.

1- Makeup materials are in an oily structure therefore when you apply these products to oily skin, cleansing process can be very long. So women who have oily skin should use water-based products.

2- Gel-based and especially milk containing cleansers will also allow oily skin to be cleansed easily and to breathe.

3- To use cotton is extremely important when oily skin cleaning. Cotton should be preferred due to different substances might contain fungal problem.

4- To use alcohol contained products should be last choice in makeup cleaning on your skin.


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