Is your Skin Spring Ready? 

Is your Skin Spring Ready

Your skin has suffered through the hard winter days, and it needs to be taken care of adequately before being exposed to the spring sunlight. Before going for short skirts, sandals and crop tops, be sure to go through this checklist:

Say good bye to excess hair

Mini skirt season is coming sooner than you may think. However, your legs are a far fetch from being ready for the bare leg season. Of course, you do not really want to look like a grizzly so choose the most adequate way to get rid of the unwanted hair.  If you want a long lasting effect, choose waxing instead of shaving and tweezers. You may even do it at home, you can easily have a wax treatment that you prepared on your own. Still, if you do not feel fit enough for this kind of business, have a scheduled appointment at a beauty salon and let the professionals take care of any unwanted hair you might have.  A messy bikini area is something no one wants to see, so take care of it now rather than a couple of days before sunbathing to avoid unwanted redness and itchiness of the skin once it has been exposed to the sunlight.

Is your Skin Spring Ready 2Scrub it

After you have waxed your skin, the number of dead skin cells has significantly decreased, but still there is some that needs to be treated. To have a glowing skin which is not dry and rough anymore, exfoliate it! You can use a loofah, body brush or exfoliating gloves at home. Apply the exfoliating lotion, brush it and then rinse in lukewarm water. Your skin will soon go from winter dry to spring radiant!

Is your Skin Spring Ready 3Get a younger skin

We all wish we could turn back time and erase all the wrinkles and scars on our faces, but somehow we have always thought that this was impossible. We were wrong! Luckily enough, the modern technology has evolved and today there are numerous treatments you could take to make your face look younger. There is a facial rejuvenation clinic in Sydney is known for their successful treatments for fighting against ageing signs, scars, acne and rosacea. Among the top treatments there are microdermabrasion and acne blue light therapy owing to which your acne will soon be ancient history. What is more, there is a specific treatment that is excellent for getting your skin spring ready – a chemical peel. This kind of peel removes the top skin layer to reduce the effects caused by excess exposure to the sunlight, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.

Is your Skin Spring Ready 4Get a mani and/or pedi

Spring time means having neat foot and finger nails! Ditch your dull winter nail polish colours for vibrant spring ones and have your nails done by yourself or by a professional. You can get inspired by skimming through online motivation boards. This year, the trends suggest that you do not really need to match the colours and patterns of your finger and foot nails, go for colour block effect! The only rule you need to respect is – those need to be well taken care of.

Is your Skin Spring Ready 5Get new sunscreen

To get your skin spring ready, you need to protect it starting from as soon as possible. Go for SPF 15 moisturizes that will ensure protection against UVA and UVB rights. However, if you already have some in your household check the expiry dates as you do not really want to apply something that has expired on your skin.

Is your Skin Spring Ready 6The time is quickly running out and the spring of 2016 is coming sooner than you might think so choose the treatments that will get your skin ready for spring clothes and the sun. Yes, we mean – get those legs waxed, nails done, skin exfoliated and face rejuvenated.


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