Is Your Hair Safe From Sun Damage?

Is Your Hair Safe From Sun Damage

We are all aware of what sun damage means to our skin’s health yet many still don’t understand how it affects the hair. Exposure to the harmful UVA and UVB rays can cause serious damage to the hair. Over a long period of time, it would leave the hair discoloured, dry and dull, with split ends, frizzy and eventually, the hair starts to thin.

People with light colored hair are at a disadvantage here because their hair is more prone to damage by the sun. These harmful rays act as bleach to the strands, stripping it of its color.

How To Protect Your Hair Sun DamageFrom

Is Your Hair Safe From Sun Damage 31. Schedule any errand that would take you outside to the early mornings or late evenings.

Is Your Hair Safe From Sun Damage 2

2. Always wear a hat if you are going out in the middle of the day. An alternative is to use an umbrella if you prefer.

Is Your Hair Safe From Sun Damage 4

3. Use hair care products that are designed to protect the hair from sun damage. You can find them in your beauty stores.

Tip: Use products that are appropriate for your hair color and type. Using the wrong products would leave your hair even more vulnerable to damage, not just from the sun, but from anything like the climate, pool water, heat, etc.

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