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First point in a diet program is stability in decision. Individuals who want to diet,have to continue  perseverancely without any break. You should take into account experts’ views and suggestions on this issue to lose weight by diet. You could find many solutions just to be careful about nutrition to lose weight. Now, please read our article about how you can lose weight by diet.

Nutrition Advice

You need to decrease carbohydrate consumption to minimum level. But on the other hand, to stay away from food contains carbohydrates, will not be so easy. You should stay away from white bread, sweets and cakes. You should increase your meal frequency from 3 to 5-6 by snacks.

You should be take into account meal portion and timing during consuming. You should try to consume carbohydrate-containing foods about lunch time or in afternoon by a limited portion.

When you feel hungry, you should eat low-calorie foods such as salads, juicy meat soup, You should consume fruits, as snacks, will make you feel full and prevent you from eating more. Digestion of proteins in body almost takes up to 4 hours. You will not feel hunger during this period due to slow digesting.  Digestion of carbohydrates takes up only 2 hours.

Keep a diary about your diet.

You can lose weight in an easier way through daily diet plan. Keep always this plan with you to be loyal to your plan. When you are hungry in the middle of the night, you can try to consume foods as contains low calories. If you love evening snacks, you can consume fewer calories foods such as chopped vegetables.

Consume always minimum daily 2 liters water in a day. You should consume lemon juice and warm water to run metabolism. This will accelerate losing weight process. You should drink mineral water before meals and in snacks.

Mineral water creates a saturation feeling in the stomach and will prevent you from eating more. Consuming 1 liter mineral water in a day will be useful.

You should develop your own healthy diet program, sometimes with and expert or doctor. You need to develop a healthy way of life in a broader context. Daily diet covers the majority of healthy lifestyle. You should pay more attention to variety of foods, calories, consuming herbal in your daily diet.


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