How Do You Do Green Eye Makeup

How Do You Do Green Eye Makeup 2

Women who have green eyes, are more fortunate than others on eye makeup. Makeup that is done to green eyes, would have been more pronounced. If individual choose correct colors for eye makeup, eye is taken foreground and individual gets impressive look.

We have shared in our article ideal and complementary colors for makeup for women who have green eyes. You could have more impressive and attractive eyes using and taking into account these recommendations.

Far Colors for Green Eyes

Purple Shades: Purple and shades are absolutely indispensable colors of green eyes. You could use each color between purple to claret red and have more attractive green eyes.

Green Shades: Green shades is another option to use that you can use, except purple eyeshadow shades. You can choose any color from dark to light green eyeshadow shades.

Copper and Gold Shades: If you are interested in shimmery makeup, you should prefer gold and copper shades as eyeshadow color. After your eye makeup, you could apply copper or gold shades eyeshadow to your eye end and have a more vibrant look.

Eyeliner and Eye Pencil: Green-eyed ladies should not use black eyeliner or black pencil for their eye makeup. If you would like to use an eyeliner or eye pencil, you might use gray or brown shades eye pencil. You can soften your look and make your look more attractive to use gray and browm shades eye pencil. Based on this info, you should choose brown shades mascara.

Attention to Silver Shine: If you attend a special night or a crazy party, silver shades applied to green eyes, creates frustration. If you would like to create a vibrant shimmer in your eyes as mentioned above, you should prefer gold and copper shades. Silver shades eyeshadow either makes your look dull or makes green eyes uninspiring.

Orange Colors for Green Eyes: Orange is not often used color. Therefore, orange color and green eye shadow compliance should only be preferred in summer and sea days. An orange hat and orange eyeshadow can provide a very good fit.

Claret Red Shades: Women who have green eyes should prefer claret red color during makeup. Claret red color can be easily used if you go to a night party. Night makeup that is made with claret red color, gives good results. You can be the nicest person in the party.

Eye Shadow Colors Should Not Be Used For Green Eyes

You should not use repulsive and cold colors such as black, silver or blue. These colors will cause your green eyes look dull and cold.

Makeup Tips According to Hair Color

There is a deep connection between green eyes makeup and hair color. For example; pink eyeshadow might fit for a woman who has yellow hair and green eyes. But if hair is black, in that case pink eyeshadow would be unpleasant.

Green Eye Makeup Preferential Based on Eye Shape

  • If you have large eyes, you should use dark colors to endpoints of your eyelids, light colors to your inside of eyelids.
  • If you have lower eyelid, you should use light colors to endpoints of your eyelids, dark colors starting from endpoints to middle of eyelid.
  • If you have small eyes, you should light shade to under eye and eyelid then you have larger eyes.

Mascara for Green Eyes

Black pen application as mentioned above will be valid for mascara application. Mascara color that you will apply to green eyes, should be in brown shades. Mascara that is 2-3 times applied, will make your eye color becomes more marked.

Lipstick Colors Befit Green Eyes

Light pink or pink lipstick might be preferred to mark green eyes. Green eyes should use red lipsticks only on special occasions. Brown shades is the only color that you should not.

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