Cinnamon Copper

Cinnamon Copper

Are you ready to reflect intense radiant glow with Cinnamon Copper hair color?

Spring and summer are starting to come quickly and weather is warming very fast !!! So, did you decide which hair color you will select for next season? How about giving a chance to ‘cinnamon copper‘ that has been continued still a trend as last year? Most of famous actress’s and models prefer cinnamon copper, which is an ideal choice for their looking for differences in hair color!

Transition to Cinnamon Copper:

You are able to have cinnamon copper hair color by yourself at home even if you are able to dye your hair! You can both reach rich / intensive hair colors and protect your hair by L’Oreal Paris Excellence Intense 7:43 even with effective on dark hair. After preparing dye mixture due to instruction, apply the mixture to all of hair using applicator and wait for required time based on instruction. Apply the conditioner after washing your hair. It’s that simple!

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How Can Your Care Cinnamon Copper Hair?

You should use advantage of shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask that provide hair care from roots to end for your hair to keep its shine after dye your hair. Applying maintenance oil to wet and dry hair provide not to lose its color gloss after the bath.

Most Popular Cinnamon Copper Hairstyles

If you have changed your hair color to cinnamon copper and your hair is long enough, you can prefer water wavy hairstyle. Hair color with coarse wavy hair style will be easily noticed and you would be much more cooler with new hair color!

You can follow these steps to have water wavy appearance:

  • Apply hair care oil to prevent damage from heat and create coarse waves in your hair using wide-tipped curling iron.
  • After curling iron application, comb gently your wavesin your hair with your fingers to get a soft apperance. That’s it!


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