Causes of Excessive Sweating

Causes of Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating is particularly disturbing individuals and their environment with smell in summer time. The reasons of excessive sweating are stress, overwork of the thyroid gland, obesity, diabetes, fear and excitement.

Excessive sweating arises from sympathetic nervous system disorders that is a congenital disease. Overwork of the sympathetic nervous system may be treated using several methods.

Excessive Sweating

Sweating, is a mechanism that has been developed by the body to prevent the balance against hot and cold. Sweating, while excretion, provides expelling of harmful substances and salt from the body while sweating excreted. Over sweating which means sweating higher than normal level is called as Hyperhidrosis Sweating.

People who have excessive sweating problem, face some difficulties in their social life because of sweat smell. There are many Herbal Remedies for sweat smell and it is possible to reduce the sweat smell by natural ways.

Excessive Sweating Treatment

After finding excessive sweating causes, if sweating occurring due to a disease, first this disease should be treated. If sweating is innate disease, treatment for this problem should be applied.

The priority in excessive sweating treatment is to review selection clothes. Psychotherapy and medication are effective methods for excessive sweating problem. Surgery is the last preference in solving excessive sweating problem. Sweat glands or nerves of patients are cut in this treatment.

Botox treatment also has recently often preferred method against excessive sweating problem. The region of sweat glands in the body is determined by using iodine solution and starch. Then a toxin which is called botulinum is injected. This process that takes about 20 minutes, does not lead to any health problem.

Prevent Underarm Sweating

Lemon: Wipe lemon juice to your underarm before bedtime and clean your skin in the morning. Lemon juice reduces sweating in your underarm.

Apple Vinegar: Thin apple vinegar with water. Apply the mixture to your underarm. Wait 20 minutes then clean your skin. Apple vinegar prevents sweating and eliminate the smell of sweat.

Botox: People who have excessive sweating problem, can control sweating problem by Botox treatment method. Prevention of sweating treatment by Botox does not have any known side effects.

Clothe Selection: You need to pay attention choosing clothes to solve the excessive sweating problem. Wearing cotton clothes in the summer and breathable clothes reduce sweating.

Sweating Preventive Mask

  • Baking powder
  • Lemon juice

Mix half of one lemon juice and baking powder till getting dough consistency. Apply the mixture to your underarm area, wait 10 minutes, then clean your skin. This application will prevent unbearable smell of underarm sweating when you repeat 3 days in a week regularly.

How to Prevent Feet Sweating?

Fill hot water into a clean basin till ankle level. Throw 5 pack tea bags into the water and wait to give the color to the water. Put your feet into the water when it is warm.

Wait to give the color threw 5 pack tea bags into the water. Put your feet in the water when the water is warm. This method kills the bacteria on your feet and eliminates of bad odors.

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