From Discontent To Confident: Dealing With Face Imperfections

From Discontent To Confident Dealing With Face Imperfections

Let’s face it: how many times did you remove the tag on some of your Facebook photos because you thought the angle was not that flattering? How many times did you analyze your skin, face lines, and wrinkles in front of a mirror, feeling so far from beautiful? Science-backed data says women are more likely to feel inadequate, self-critical, and self-conscious in comparison to men. Self-acceptance is hard, but the trick is to become aware of what you can change for the better, in order to feel comfortable in your skin. Take a deep breath: there’s a solution to everything.

Taking care of blemishes and acne

Small discolorations or hyperpigmentation are pretty common and harmless, but aesthetically they don’t look very nice. You can easily cover them up with makeup: the key is finding the right products that provide a maximum coverage base. That means choosing the products with the right shade, structure, and ingredients. You can also schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and discuss the possibility of a chemical peel. Acne are a more serious skin condition that is almost always a psychological burden and very hard to handle. Sure, you can use makeup to hide them, but you might want to consult a dermatologist and see what you can do in the long run, so you take care of the cause instead of handling the symptoms.

From Discontent To Confident Dealing With Face Imperfections

Faking a smaller nose

Most women turn to the art of contouring to slim down their noses. Apply a concealer that’s two shades lighter than your skin tone to both sides of your nose. Cover up the area that goes under your eyes (to the outer corner) all the way to the border of your cheekbones, and make sure you reach the skin from your nostrils all the way to the bridge of your nose. Add two darker shaded lines along the bridge of your nose to narrow it. Blend it all in and touch up if necessary. If you want a more permanent solution, consider getting a nose job. When deciding to do so, you should turn to reputable and trustworthy experts. In Australia, the most experienced surgeons in rhinoplasty Sydney will introduce you to all the details of the procedure and give you the best possible natural-looking results, so that you feel good about yourself without makeup, too. Always ask for recommendations: satisfied clients are the key to choosing the right doctor.

Big or wide forehead

Although they say a high forehead is a sign of intelligence, you may be self-conscious about it. Luckily, you can use makeup and optical illusions to narrow it and make it look smaller. A forehead usually appears big because of the high hairlines or low eyebrows, so an easy solution would be a camouflage: bring back the bangs! If you’re not really down to such a radical change, you can change your part and make it a side one, so that you draw attention away from the forehead. Make your hairstyle eye-catching (think waves and volume) so that you create a diversion, or enhance some other part of your face. And of course, use the power of makeup to make it look smaller.

From Discontent To Confident Dealing With Face Imperfections

Pesky enlarged pores

With pores, it’s all about prevention: obviously, you cannot get rid of them, but you can reduce their size and improve how they look with proper care. Don’t use products that clog your pores (e.g. bar soaps): turn to gentle cleansers instead. Always remove your makeup before bed and go easy on the exfoliators. Use products that are rich in niacinamide: it can help you reach a more smooth and tightened look! Establish a good beauty routine to get the most out of your look.

With smart cosmetic choices and makeup, you can easily cover up or completely get rid of face imperfections, and what’s more important – ensure a healthy looking skin in the future.

Bridal Makeup Tips Before Big Day

Bridal Makeup Tips Before Big Day

Before your wedding day, as a bride, there are some makeup tips you need to consider so that the photographs come out looking just right and to bring out your best features in the best way possible.

Take climate into consideration before makeup application

If your wedding destination will have warm climate you might want to use makeup products that are oil-free such as moisturizer, foundation and primer. Ensure you have oil-absorbing sheets at hand.

Step up your makeup for the pictures

The camera tends to blow out the bride in the wedding photography thus the makeup should be a bit more exaggerated that what you would wear on normal occasions. This is because the camera and the lights will moderate your makeup. If you will be doing your makeup on your own then practice and take pictures prior to the wedding day. Begin with less because adding is easier than removing when it’s too much.

Bridal Makeup Tips Before Big Day

Primer is essential

As a bride ensure your skin is cleansed and moisturized before makeup application. Primer goes on next to aid in smoother makeup application and long-lastingness all through the day. They come in various formulas to suit different types of skin.

Applying of foundation

This should be done either with one or the other and never the fingers to avoid leaving dirt and bacteria behind. Fingerprints can also be left behind making the foundation look less smooth and finished. If using a sponge, stipple it to make the foundation look more natural and ensure even blending into the skin.

Concealer comes after foundation

Use a different type of concealer for your face compared to your eyes. The concealer should be emollient and creamy and not particularly oil-free so it will not become cakey and dry in the course of the day. A peach-based formula will be best for contrasting the purple and blue hues of the eyelids.

Use a primer for eye shadow

If you use an eyeshadow primer it will make sure the makeup is smudge-free which is essential given that you’ll be wearing white completely.

wedding dress

Cream blush gives a natural makeup look

It can be applied sheer and it looks fresh and healthy. Layering powder blush on top of it gives the look more staying power.

Smile to know where the blush goes

This will make your cheek’s apple pop out and you can apply the blush here, then blend it right into your temple. This will make you look like you have a natural flush.

Eyebrow pencil is a must

Brow pencil can be used to fill in the eyebrows thus framing the eye and finishing up the entire picture. The pencil color must be a tone or two lighter compared to your natural eyebrow hair color.

Cake liner is a better alternative for eyeliner

It is dry and so it lasts all day. Activate it with just a bit of water and look for one with a shoe-polish consistency. Fill in the roots of the lashes to make them appear thicker, make the lash line appear plusher and also make the eyes pop.

The Perfume Buying Guide That You Must Have When Shopping For Fragrances

The Perfume Buying Guide That You Must Have When Shopping For Fragrances

Finding a perfume that will be right for you can at times be a daunting task. Most of the times are when you will buy a fragrance because you heard it worked for a friend, but you may end up disappointed when it does not work for you.

That’s why you should be very careful when choosing a perfume. Selecting a perfume is a personal choice. In the case where you select a wrong perfume, it can have an effect on your esteem, as your perfume fragrance is your personal signature. People will remember you because of the fragrance you wore. People will notice you have walked in a room because of the fragrance you are wearing.

The Perfume Buying Guide That You Must Have When Shopping For Fragrances 2

However, armed with the proper knowledge, choosing a perfume will be an easy task. The first step in choosing the right fragrance is identifying the various families of fragrance. The most popular classes of fragrance are:

Floral family– This is the most popular of all families. The floral family may be a smell of a single petal or a large banquet. They may include touches of scents such as gardenia, rose, lily of the valley etc. When choosing a
fragrance based on the floral fragrance family it would be wise to choose a fragrance of a floral scent you enjoy.

Oriental-Well, the name speaks for itself here. These fragrances are exotic in general and they tend to be sensual. These types of fragrances are ideal for a nighttime wear. They sometimes have notes like Vanilla and amber.

Woods– This type of fragrances consist of notes from the various aromatic woods. Cedar wood, Oak, Sandalwood, Pine and Patchouli are sometimes present in this fragrance as well. Woody scents tend to be very rich and strong and hence that’s why most men’s fragrances tend to fall in this category.

Fresh –This scent is ideal for those with an outdoor personality. This fragrance includes scents such as the smell of fresh spring in the air and airy notes.

The Perfume Buying Guide That You Must Have When Shopping For Fragrances 3

Choosing A Perfume According To Personality

The next step after identifying the fragrance families would be to link up the fragrance family types with your personality in order to yield the best results. These are some of the most common personalities that might help you when choosing a fragrance;

Outdoor or Sporty personality – If you love outdoors and your idea of a weekend out is cycling, camping, mountain climbing or other sports activities then the floral family should be the best selection for you. This is because you would like your perfume complimenting you rather than commanding a room.

Elegant – If your weekends are lined up with dinner parties or you love attending cocktail parties, then the Oriental family of perfumes should be on your top list. Oriental family of perfumes tends to stay for longer and have that commanding effect once you enter a room.

Modern man – If you like to keep up with modern trends of clothes, then the floral family of perfumes should be best for you.

Girl next door –If you are that shy and sexy girl, the woods class of perfumes should work for you. Though the name sounds a bit masculine, Wood family of perfumes helps in bringing out the sex appeal of a lady.

Always ensure you ask for advice from the fragrance shop expert. They will help you make a better choice.

Best Results In Your Makeup Routine

Best Results In Your Makeup Routine

Makeup was designed to hide blemishes and accentuate your looks. A makeup routine is essential to avoid wasting a lot of time while getting ready for your day and as you perfect your routine, you will end up getting the best results within a shorter time. Application of makeup needs a routine because there is a certain order in which some products need to be applied in order to achieve good results.

Before applying anything on your face, you need to make sure your face is entirely cleaned by gently washing your face, which can be achieved simply with soap, warm water and a washcloth. Make sure you remove makeup at the end of the day to prevent clogging of pores which may result in acne. Next item would have to be moisturizer and sunscreen if you intend to be in the sun for the most part of the day. It should be noted that the sunscreen should be applied before the moisturizer.

Best Results In Your Makeup Routine 2

Invest in a good primer as well, which aids in ease of application of makeup and makes it last longer. Foundation should come after the primer and you have to get the right foundation that complements your skin tone, one that suits your skin type and find out your preference in terms of solid or liquid foundation. Application of foundation requires that you blend it in order to achieve a natural look. The concealer comes after foundation and is applied to problem areas. You need to choose one that is two tones lighter than your skin tone.

Translucent powder is lightly dusted on top of the makeup to aid in setting the makeup, make it long-lasting and prevent rubbing off. For some color put on some bronzer or blush for a sun-kissed look and a flushed, healthy look respectively. Apply primer to your eyelids prior to application of eye shadow to ensure it stays on longer. When opting for eye shadow you need to take the colors, and the look you want to achieve into consideration be it natural, smoky or colorful. The lightest colour goes on first and functions as the base colour. You will then apply the darker eye shadow color to the eyelids from the lash line to the eye crease making sure to blend so that the transition between both colours looks seamless.

Best Results In Your Makeup Routine 3

Eyeliner is an essential product for the ultimate lover of makeup because it makes the eyes pop and can be applied in various styles. The eyeliner comes in liquid or pencil and you can use either black or brown shades. You can apply the liner to both the upper and lower lid or just the upper lid depending on the look. Mascara which is applied to the eyelashes is meant to enhance them and give the illusion of length.

You will want to finish up the look with a gloss or a lip color going with a more natural color for an everyday look or a bolder color like red for a dramatic effect.

5 Winged Eyeliner Tips for Almond Eyes

5 Winged Eyeliner Tips for Almond Eyes

I know it actually sucks when you are trying your very best to put on the perfect winged eyeliner, but you fail repeatedly.

Huh….  It’s tiring!

I mean, you are going out, for some event, and you pick up your matte black gel liner and the brush. Very confidently you try putting it on, and you end up looking like a panda when the thickness just gradually increases as you try to smoothen the eyeliner. This happens to you almost always right? Speaking from the experience that I have, it happens yes. And the worst thing is messing up your beautiful almond eyes.


Trust me, it sucks. Going back to the washroom, using your face wash, taking off your entire makeup. If not that, you are using petroleum jelly, lotion, or some concealer to hide the mess that you have created. Why is it so difficult to have the perfect winged eyeliner for your lovely almond eyes? Why? Maybe you lack the skills or the practice.

Are you worried?

Relax! No need to worry anymore! I am here to explain everything and help you get the best flick for your eyes. Before you apply any of these tips on your eyes, make sure you have almond eyes! (Eyes that are close and oval with pointed ends) I don’t want other girls to worry. Even if you don’t have almond eyes, you can try these tips and see if they work for your eye shape.

1- Starting with the liner

The first thing that you need to do is nothing! Yes, nothing! Simply follow the contour of your eyes! Almond eyes have the most beautiful shape, and they do not need any further enhancement. Make sure you follow the ground rules. Thinner liner towards the inner corner of the eye and thicker towards outer corner! Determine your eye size. If you have small eyes, go for thinner liner, and if you have large eyes, the ones Mila Kunis has, go for thicker eyeliners.

5 Winged Eyeliner Tips for Almond Eyes 7

2- Wing placement

Next, you need to follow your lash line to get the perfect flick. Now if you are confused, how to follow it, just place a brush along the side of your nose. The brush should extend up to the outer corner of your eye and eyebrow. This is the exact location where you should have your wing. Almond eyes look beyond perfect with winged eyeliner, so ensure that you put the right wing in the right place.

5 Winged Eyeliner Tips for Almond Eyes 3

3- Beautifying the lower eyelid

Never ever apply any eyeliner on your lower eyelid if you have almond eyes. What looks better is to use a white liner on your lower lash line. It looks amazing. There’s nothing equal to this look. This one simple trick magnifies your entire look. In case you want your eyes to look even larger, you can use black matte eye pencil a little below your bottom lash line to give the illusion that it’s the location of your lower lash line. Add small white eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes because it makes them stand out.

5 Winged Eyeliner Tips for Almond Eyes 5

4- Using the ‘dropped eyeliner trick’

This method involves applying eyeliner to the upper eyelid and only the half bottom lid, starting from the outer corner. You will be astounded at the difference this look creates. It totally suits all sizes of almond eyes.

5- Colours, colours, colours!

Which colour eyeliner should you be using to attain the perfect winged eyeliner for your almond eyes? There’s no hard and fast rule. Personally, I prefer matte black one, because it defines the shape of your eye. But you can always use nude colours! This will give you a subtle look and will widen your eyes.

Practice makes perfection

So girls out there with almond eyes, I hope you will find it easy to get the perfect winged eyeliner now that you have been told the most precious tips! The key to having perfection is practice. Practice it as much as you can. The first few days you will look funny, but ultimately you will master this look. You will put your eyeliner like a pro. Your eyes would undoubtedly resemble the sultry eyes of Kylie and J-Lo. Just stay focused and determined. You can do it!

DIY Natural Deodorant

DIY Natural Deodorant

Our followers could use our herbal deodorant recipe to make natural deodorant at home with using natural ingredients. People who do not want to touch deodorants with chemicals to their skin, can simply get rid of bad smell preparing deodorant at home using natural materials.

How Can You Prepare Natural Deodorant?

Herbal Deodorant Recipe

  • 50 ml of mineral water
  • 10 drops of lavender oil
  • 5 drops of sage oil
  • 100 ml of apple cider vinegar

Put all ingredients as specified amount a bowl and then mix them all. You can fill this mixture into a clean spray bottle and use whenever you want. You could keep the rest of the mixture in a glass bottle.

Lavender-Scented Natural Deodorant

  • 1 drop of lavender oil
  • 1 drop of cedar oil
  • 250 ml of wıtch hazel water
  • 2 tablespoons of herbal glycerin

After mixing all ingredients, first fill required amount in a spray bottle that you will use to apply, then fill the rest in a glass bowl. This mixture provides you to smell good during the day.

DIY Natural Deodorant 2

Rose Scented Natural Deodorants 

  • 5 drops of geranium oil
  • 2 drops of rose oil
  • 2 tablespoons white clay

Mix all ingredients as specified amount. You can apply as much as you need after filling a spray bottle and you could keep the rest of mixture in a glass bottle. Rose smell will suppress sweat smell during the day.

Jasmine Scented Natural Deodorants

  • 10 ml of rose water
  • 10 ml of mineral water
  • 10 ml of herbal glycerin
  • 2 drops of clove oil (evaporating)
  • 2 drops of jasmine oil (evaporating)

Before mixing, you should get a spray bottle. Mix all ingredients in a glass bowl then pour the mixture into spray bottle. You can use whenever you need.

Natural deodorants have volatile feature because of is prepared using herbal oils. Therefore, natural deodorant that you prepare, should be kept in a sealed glass bottle. You could use a sparay bottle to apply this natural deodorant to your body. You will get positive results when you apply your armpits, under breasts and rear side of knees. Back of your wrist also has also smell keper characteristic.

Best Eyeshadow Palette

Best Eyeshadow Palette

When it comes to choosing an eyeshadow palette, there are a couple different things to consider before you drop a bunch of money. Eyeshadow palettes can be expensive, but if you go in knowing what you are looking for, it will ensure you will choose the right one and that you will be happy with your choice for a long time to come.

Do your Research ?

Whether you read beauty blogs, watch YouTube tutorials or read product reviews on official sites, doing your research is necessary. From reviews, you will learn how other people like the product before you invest in it and you can even see it in action on YouTube videos. Color payoff is important, as well as if the eyeshadow falls out (gathers underneath the eyes instead of staying in place on the lids).

Eyelash Extensions 2

Know Your Colors

You should know what colors will best compliment your eye color before choosing an eyeshadow palette. Choosing a palette without this knowledge can lead to colors making your eyes look dull, or the color not matching your eyes. For example, green eyes look stunning when accented by purples, blue eyes pop when surrounded by copper or orange and brown eyes have the luxury of being able to wear almost any color of the rainbow.

Test it Out

Many makeup counters and stores have testers of their eyeshadow palettes available for what is called ‘swatching’. To do this, simply swipe your finger over an eyeshadow color and apply it to your inner forearm or the back of your hand to see what the color payoff is like. This way you can also feel the texture of the shadow and see how it looks from in the palette to on the skin. Some stores even offer artists that will sanitize the palette and use some colors on you to see how it looks before you buy it.

The Bare Minimum Anti-Aging Routine

The Bare Minimum Anti-Aging Routine

If you are too busy in the morning to spend your time with a cleanser, toner, detoxifying lotion, serum, eye cream and a moisturizer, you are not alone. So how do you get radiant, youthful looking skin while doing the absolute bare minimum?

Skincare definitely shouldn’t be seen as a chore, but if you really want to only spend a couple of minutes a day taking care of your skin, you want to make sure you have some of the best products and routine available to give you what you need.

The Bare Minimum Anti-Aging Routine 1

Cleanse and Exfoliate

Target fine lines and wrinkles with an anti-aging cleanser, and then make sure to exfoliate at least twice a week, preferably with a detoxifying exfoliant. This helps slough off the dead skin cells that build up and leave your skin looking dull. Remember to cleanse twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening to remove all of the days dirt, makeup and residue.

Choose An Anti-Aging Serum

If you really want to tackle aging, you’ll need more than just a cleanser and moisturizer. Adding in a serum with retinol, collagen or hyaluronic acid will help you take on those pesky lines and wrinkles. You can use retinol products at night so you aren’t rushing a routine in the daytime, but this step is essential.



Using a moisturizer is another essential step in an anti-aging skincare routine. Choose an anti-aging moisturizer that feels light on your skin; you don’t want to feel like your skin is being weighed down. If you have oily skin, consider using a moisturizer that has more of a gel-like feel to it. Always get a moisturizer with sunscreen. If your favorite cream does not come with sunscreen, make sure you purchase one. Sunscreen is essential to stop the damaging effects of the sun from penetrating your skin cells.

How to Choose Right Eyeshadow for Your Eyes

_How to Choose the Right Eyeshadow for Your Eyes_

Makeup can be a daunting subject to think about, especially when there are so many brands and colors to choose from. Sometimes it can seem a little bit overwhelming when it comes to picking the best eyeshadows for your eye color. So how do you go about picking the best colors for your eyes to make them pop and which ones should you avoid? It is actually quite simple – you just apply color theory.

Color theory is useful in any kind of art form, including makeup application!

On the color wheel, there is a primary, secondary and tertiary color. If you are viewing a color wheel, you simply have to pick out the color of your eyes and follow it directly across. You will find your perfect eyeshadow color for your eyes in that choice.

How to Choose the Right Eyeshadow for Your Eyes Blue 1

Blue Eyes

Focus on warm tones since the color of the eye is naturally cool. In order to bring out the intensity of the blue, use colors such as copper, orange, golds and bronze. If you want to make your eyes lighter or more grey-looking, use deep purple or silver colors.

How to Choose the Right Eyeshadow for Your Eyes Brown 1

Brown Eyes

Some people may not like having brown eyes, but you know what?

You can rock any color that you’d like because brown is a neutral color. You’ll be able to wear loud teals, soft blues, vibrant purples and much more. Get creative with your shadows and watch how the colors you wear transform how the brown looks in your eyes and whether they get lighter, darker, or sometimes even greener.

How to Choose the Right Eyeshadow for Your Eyes 8Green Eyes

Opposite green on the color wheel is purple, and any shade of purple will make green eyes pop vibrantly. Use a deep plum to add depth to eye and then complete the look by adding a brighter color of purple just above the iris. Pinks are also a great go-to, as well as warm or reddish colored browns such as brick or rust.

How to Choose the Right Eyeshadow for Your Eyes 5Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes may be the most difficult eye type to pick makeup colors for because they can vary with what color flecks the iris has. Usually hazel eyes have either gold or green flecks. To play up green, use purples. If you want it to look more of a light brown, use greys, deep silvers or olive-brown colors. Burgundy is also a unique color option for a hazel eye.

Why to Wear Lipstick?

Why to Wear Lipstick

Lipstick that has been begun to be used more than 5000 years before, still retains its popularity even today. Lipstick and its own raw materials have been discussed so much in terms of ingredients and production also main raw material of lipstick is wax. Some lipstick factories use animal products for lipstick production and also content of lipstick is said to cause cancer and poisoning. This content is still used in some countries, although it continues to use banned in many European countries.

Lipstick Production and Its Components

  • Cerebrosides (bovine nervous system cell) (for a smooth appearance and keeping humidity)
  • Castor oil and varieties
  • Chemical dyes
  • Cochineal (for red color)

Why to Wear Lipstick?

Lipsticks can be produced using different materials due to production methods and characteristics. Fish scales provide lipstick to glare also some of lipsticks contain pearl essence. Vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea oil are used to produce lipstick softer. Additionally, many lipsticks contain aloe vera, chamomile oil, beetroot and turmeric extract. Oil and beeswax present main structure of lipstick. Lipstick contains herbal oils, mineral oil, lanolin and cocoa oil except castor oil. The most commonly used wax is carnauba.

Why to Wear Lipstick 2

Dangerous Substances Used in lipstick

You should absolutely read and check ingredients list on lipstick when you buy a lipstick. You should make a fast research (on internet) even if you will buy a known brand lipstick.

Lead: When cosmetics containing lead are ingested; they might cause cancer, anemia, behavioral disorder, infertility and ability disorder to learn.

Paint Made of Tar: Red 40 is a mark on lipstick and shows that some ingredients of lipstick is made of coal tar. When this substance is digested, it causes headache, nausea and skin irritation.

Artificial Fragrances: If you use synthetic fragrant lipstick, this lipstick causes your lips dry and crack.

Why to Wear Lipstick 3

How Lipstick Applied?

A perfect lipstick shows you more attractive and sexy and shows your lips fuller. You could follow our instruction to get all details of lipstick applications.

First Choose Correct Base before Lipstick

You should pay required attention during applying foundation or base to your skin. Lipstick on the lips with a neutral base color, shows itself more impressive. This method which is preferred by women who uses light color, provides wrinkles on lips are less noticeable.

Highlight Contours

You should highlight your lips just starting above your lips with a pen whose color is close to your skin color or lipstick color. You will get a non-disperse lipstick and fuller lips.

Apply Your Lipstick

You should apply your lipstick to your lips with a brush by soft movement. You will get a full match in color and homogenous distribution.

Remove Excess Lipstick

To remove excess lipstick will support your lipstick to be more permanent. Press tissues lightly on your lips and pull off. If you prefer a mat appearance on your lips, you should apply a little powder.

Requirements for Mat Lips

You should use pencil for your entire lip whether you would like to have mat lip color. Mat lips show your total beauty in a soft appearance and enhance your lips shape intensively.

Requirements for Gloss Lips

You should highlight your lips using pen, apply lipstick and lip gloss whether you would like to have gloss on your lips.

Enhance Color

You are able to enhance your lips color applying second times your lipstick after removing excess of lipstick. This provides you to show your lips more sexy.

Thick Your Lips

You need to learn some tricks not to create bad appearance during thicken lips. You should thicken your lips using a pencil (without exaggeration) and highlight lip curl. Then you should apply lipstick through curl, then distribute gently this lipstick with a brush or your fingers.