Bridal Makeup Tips Before Big Day

Bridal Makeup Tips Before Big Day

Before your wedding day, as a bride, there are some makeup tips you need to consider so that the photographs come out looking just right and to bring out your best features in the best way possible.

Take climate into consideration before makeup application

If your wedding destination will have warm climate you might want to use makeup products that are oil-free such as moisturizer, foundation and primer. Ensure you have oil-absorbing sheets at hand.

Step up your makeup for the pictures

The camera tends to blow out the bride in the wedding photography thus the makeup should be a bit more exaggerated that what you would wear on normal occasions. This is because the camera and the lights will moderate your makeup. If you will be doing your makeup on your own then practice and take pictures prior to the wedding day. Begin with less because adding is easier than removing when it’s too much.

Bridal Makeup Tips Before Big Day

Primer is essential

As a bride ensure your skin is cleansed and moisturized before makeup application. Primer goes on next to aid in smoother makeup application and long-lastingness all through the day. They come in various formulas to suit different types of skin.

Applying of foundation

This should be done either with one or the other and never the fingers to avoid leaving dirt and bacteria behind. Fingerprints can also be left behind making the foundation look less smooth and finished. If using a sponge, stipple it to make the foundation look more natural and ensure even blending into the skin.

Concealer comes after foundation

Use a different type of concealer for your face compared to your eyes. The concealer should be emollient and creamy and not particularly oil-free so it will not become cakey and dry in the course of the day. A peach-based formula will be best for contrasting the purple and blue hues of the eyelids.

Use a primer for eye shadow

If you use an eyeshadow primer it will make sure the makeup is smudge-free which is essential given that you’ll be wearing white completely.

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Cream blush gives a natural makeup look

It can be applied sheer and it looks fresh and healthy. Layering powder blush on top of it gives the look more staying power.

Smile to know where the blush goes

This will make your cheek’s apple pop out and you can apply the blush here, then blend it right into your temple. This will make you look like you have a natural flush.

Eyebrow pencil is a must

Brow pencil can be used to fill in the eyebrows thus framing the eye and finishing up the entire picture. The pencil color must be a tone or two lighter compared to your natural eyebrow hair color.

Cake liner is a better alternative for eyeliner

It is dry and so it lasts all day. Activate it with just a bit of water and look for one with a shoe-polish consistency. Fill in the roots of the lashes to make them appear thicker, make the lash line appear plusher and also make the eyes pop.

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