5 Winged Eyeliner Tips for Almond Eyes

5 Winged Eyeliner Tips for Almond Eyes

I know it actually sucks when you are trying your very best to put on the perfect winged eyeliner, but you fail repeatedly.

Huh….  It’s tiring!

I mean, you are going out, for some event, and you pick up your matte black gel liner and the brush. Very confidently you try putting it on, and you end up looking like a panda when the thickness just gradually increases as you try to smoothen the eyeliner. This happens to you almost always right? Speaking from the experience that I have, it happens yes. And the worst thing is messing up your beautiful almond eyes.


Trust me, it sucks. Going back to the washroom, using your face wash, taking off your entire makeup. If not that, you are using petroleum jelly, lotion, or some concealer to hide the mess that you have created. Why is it so difficult to have the perfect winged eyeliner for your lovely almond eyes? Why? Maybe you lack the skills or the practice.

Are you worried?

Relax! No need to worry anymore! I am here to explain everything and help you get the best flick for your eyes. Before you apply any of these tips on your eyes, make sure you have almond eyes! (Eyes that are close and oval with pointed ends) I don’t want other girls to worry. Even if you don’t have almond eyes, you can try these tips and see if they work for your eye shape.

1- Starting with the liner

The first thing that you need to do is nothing! Yes, nothing! Simply follow the contour of your eyes! Almond eyes have the most beautiful shape, and they do not need any further enhancement. Make sure you follow the ground rules. Thinner liner towards the inner corner of the eye and thicker towards outer corner! Determine your eye size. If you have small eyes, go for thinner liner, and if you have large eyes, the ones Mila Kunis has, go for thicker eyeliners.

5 Winged Eyeliner Tips for Almond Eyes 7

2- Wing placement

Next, you need to follow your lash line to get the perfect flick. Now if you are confused, how to follow it, just place a brush along the side of your nose. The brush should extend up to the outer corner of your eye and eyebrow. This is the exact location where you should have your wing. Almond eyes look beyond perfect with winged eyeliner, so ensure that you put the right wing in the right place.

5 Winged Eyeliner Tips for Almond Eyes 3

3- Beautifying the lower eyelid

Never ever apply any eyeliner on your lower eyelid if you have almond eyes. What looks better is to use a white liner on your lower lash line. It looks amazing. There’s nothing equal to this look. This one simple trick magnifies your entire look. In case you want your eyes to look even larger, you can use black matte eye pencil a little below your bottom lash line to give the illusion that it’s the location of your lower lash line. Add small white eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes because it makes them stand out.

5 Winged Eyeliner Tips for Almond Eyes 5

4- Using the ‘dropped eyeliner trick’

This method involves applying eyeliner to the upper eyelid and only the half bottom lid, starting from the outer corner. You will be astounded at the difference this look creates. It totally suits all sizes of almond eyes.

5- Colours, colours, colours!

Which colour eyeliner should you be using to attain the perfect winged eyeliner for your almond eyes? There’s no hard and fast rule. Personally, I prefer matte black one, because it defines the shape of your eye. But you can always use nude colours! This will give you a subtle look and will widen your eyes.

Practice makes perfection

So girls out there with almond eyes, I hope you will find it easy to get the perfect winged eyeliner now that you have been told the most precious tips! The key to having perfection is practice. Practice it as much as you can. The first few days you will look funny, but ultimately you will master this look. You will put your eyeliner like a pro. Your eyes would undoubtedly resemble the sultry eyes of Kylie and J-Lo. Just stay focused and determined. You can do it!

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