Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips

You can get support from plants to make skin care to your skin in a natural way. Masks and care treatments made with natural ingredients, put in place the needs of your skin. All skin types have different natural skin care recipes. You must select tailored treatment for your skin and apply in a regular way your skin.

Skin Care for Dry Skin

Bee honey is a powerful moisturizer. Dry skin can provide the moisture needed by the skin by skin care mask made using honey.

Apply honey on your skin and wait for half an hour. Then clean your skin with lukewarm water. After cleaning your skin, wiping your skin with rose water is very important to look your skin alive and to be moistured. Put in a pot 2 teaspoons flaxseed in a warm water as bath method and add water in sufficient amounts to get creamy consistency. Apply a thin layer to your skin and clean your skin after waiting half an hour.

Oily Skin Care

Squeeze the water from chopped lettuce with your palm. Drop the cotton into the lettuce water and wipe your skin with this cotton. Lettuce water balances of your skin oil and cleanse your pores. Peel grate the cucumber. After grating, squeeze the juice and clean your skin with water after you get. Cover your skin with a damp towel and wait 30 minutes. After this application, your skin will be more shiny and bright.

Natural Peeling Method

Grind enough rice for your skin and add water and mix until becoming a dough. After waiting 20 minutes, clean your skin. Grind 2 teaspoons sesame and sunflower seeds and add water until getting creamy consistency. Seed food, is one of the best peeling materials, provides to remove the dead cells. Rub is effective method in peeling process.

Recommendations For Wrinkles

Mix 2 teaspoons of milk and 1 egg yolk, apply this mixture to your skin especially wrinkles areas. Wait half an hour after application. Then you can clean your skin with warm water. Add 1 cup cucumber juice into 1 cup of carrot juice. Drop cotton into this mixture and wipe your skin by this cotton. After waiting half an hour, clean your skin.


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