Scar Healing Creams

Scar Healing Creams

Scars cream that heal your skin scars quickly, make your skin much smoother. Creams that repair scars faster by accelerating cell division, ensures wound closure faster. Cream brands, which are effective on scars have listed for you.

Scar Reducing Creams

Contractubex Gel

This cream widely recommended by doctors, create a kind of peeling effect on wounds. After applying Contractubex gel, sunlight should be avoided to your skin. Spots might occur in sun exposed areas.

Expigment Cream

Expigment Cream that peels skin and renews the cells, shortens the healing time of wounds effectively. It should be applied to your skin before bedtime and you should definitely not be exposed to sunlight.

Mederma Cream

Mederma cream has injuries that occur due to any reason, healing features. This cream could be applied 3 times to the wound. Because of high frequency of application, it should be applied by small amounts.

Scar Zone Cream

This cream is able to protect yoru skin from sunlight with SPF 15, can be used easily even in allergic skin. It enhances the further effect of cream because of made from green tea core. This cream could be applied to your skin 3 times in a  day.

ReGenica Cream

ReGenica Cream that repairs skin and eliminates color irregularities caused wounds, could be applied 2 times in a day.

Scarex Gel

Scarex Gel heals the wound quickly in the area where its applied, shorten the period of starting to heal by imposing the deepest point of your skin.

Pohl Cream

It contains special ingredients needed by skin an therefore reduces scars. If this cream is used on a regular base, tts effects are seen more quickly.

Xeragel Cream

Cream is suitable for wounds and burns on the skin, after starting to apply 2 times in a day, you could see effect within 2 months.

Universal Cream

Cream treats of scars quickly also ensures to remove permanent discoloration. After 1 month, healing will be started on the wound.

Concise Snail Cream

Concise Snail Cream with wound healing effect on the skin, is very popular due to improvement without blemish scars.

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