Combination Skin Cleanser

Combination Skin Cleanser

People who have combination skin structure, have been forced much more about skin care. Combination skins which have cleaning difficulties, could be improved with the right treatments. You could try our skin cleaning advice for people with combination skin structure.

Details Of Combination Skin Cleansing

1- Skin care should be done by using with natural products. Sebamed soap from the soap containing products is a product for cleansing and balancing combination skin. Then use rose water as would be soothing tonic for combination skin types.
2- Combination skin structured people should not use the drier featured products. Because those products might occur eczema.
3- Black Spots Cleaning Tape can clean blackheads in oily region,
4- You should plan the sections of skin care treatments by taking into account that some parts of the skin is dry, some is oily.
5- People with combination skin types should not use the products that dry up the skin and peeling.

Herbal Combination Skin Cleansing

  • 4 teaspoon rose water
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 1 handful of unsalted almonds

Take all almond into hot water filled container. After wait 5 minutes, remove the shells. Add the almonds, sugar and rose water. Crush them all and get a mash. Then wait for 2 hours. Filter the mixture by cheesecloth and use this liquid as cleansing milk. This milk will ensure that your skin softer and smoother.

Combination Skin Cleansing Tips

Babe Cleansing Milk Cleansing Milk: The product that cleans the skin and removes of dead cells.

Vichy Purete Thermale Lait Cleansing Milk: Milk is an effective skin cleansing products which will allow you to clean up after remaining on the skin. Products that comply with combination skin can be used by people with sensitive skin.

Nivea Visage Facial Cleansing Milk: Cleansing milk that contains natural lotus extracts and vitamins, is produced according to the delicate skin of the composite structure. It cleans the skin gently without drying.

Avene Skin Cleansing Foam Mouse Nettoyant: This product has been produced for combination skin as custom-made, adjusts the balance of oily sebum and dirt in clearing. This product provides effective care for dry area by smoothing.

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