Breast Enlargement Massage

Breast Enlargement Massage

Women with small breast size can provide several sizes using natural breast enhancement methods. The first choice for breast enlargement in natural way is breast enlargement massage.

Breast enhancement exercises are able to provide you with a couple of size growth. You can also benefit from herbal mixtures to enlarge breasts. Finally the most effective method is surgery that is commonly used in breast enlargement. Breasts might sag in old age period or enlarging breasts by natural ways may become more troublesome. You can choose surgery method and enlarge your breast in such situation.

Natural Ways For Breast Enlargement

1- Boil 1 cup water and put into 2 grams hop and wait until cool down. Wipe cooled mixture by massaging to your chest area. If you repeat this application 2 times in a week regularly, you will recognize that your breasts will be bigger.

2- Consuming 1 banana definitely everyday provides a positive contribution to breast growth.

3- Put 4 gr lemon balm into 1 cup of water and boil this mixture for 5 minutes. Wait cooldown and brew. Drink as hungry after cool down. After consuming this mixture once a day for 2 months, you should a break for 1 month. When you apply this mixture regularly, it is very effective in breast enlargement.

4- If you want to benefit from herbal mixtures to enlarge breasts, you can find more recipes in our herbal breast enlargement page.

Breast Enlargement Exercises

Stand in front of the wall and open your feet as shoulder width. Touch your palms to the wall, take back your feet and get an inclined position. Then bend your arm by elbows and start making our movement. Scroll your body down until your nose touches the wall. Extend your arms in this way after waiting for 10 seconds and repeat the same action again. You can call this, push-pull against the wall and you should repeat this movement 5 times in a day.

After take push-pull position in normal way, bend your arm then flatten as you do push-ups. When you flatten your arms after lifting your body, rise your right arm up as 180 degrees with left arm and turn your body to the side simultaneously. Get down your arm and perform same movement again and this time lift your other arm. Repeat this movement 10 times in a day.

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