9 Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

9 Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

Hair is one of greatest concerns for most women. To make it even worse, hair can get damaged relatively fast but bringing it back can take quite some time. Restoration techniques can be as follows;

Repairing Damaged Hair

1. Early Detection
For repairmen of damaged hair, early detection is key. The minute you notice the split ends and frizz or you notice everything is not great with your scalp that is the time to start treatment for your hair. You can then gradually start using the gentle shampoos, conditioners and styling products, all which will help bring your hair back.

2. Trimming
Another solution for when your hair gets a straw-like texture is trimming. You can opt to trim your edges and treat the remaining hair or if you feeling like you are need of some change, you can chop it all off and maintain a pixie cut or short bob. Hair normally tends to be destroyed towards the tip more than towards the scalp. This will therefore give you a fresh start and help your hair recover faster.

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3. Avoid Hot Styling
Hot styling like using curling irons, blow dryers or straightening irons damages hair. Therefor while treating, air dry your hair instead of using hot styling equipment. However if you have absolutely no choice, you can opt to first prepare the hair with a fortifying leave-in conditioner, use the lowest heat setting and finish it off with a protective spray.

4. Avoid Chemicals and Hair Color
During the treatment period, it is best that you avoid harsh chemicals and dyes. Some hair colors such as harsh bleach can stress and damage hair. You can also consult your hair stylist on healthier alternatives such as ammonia-free and demi-permanent formulas.

5. Simple Hairstyles
With damaged hair, it is advised that you keep your hairstyles as simple as possible. You should avoid styles that stress the hair or those that require a lot of product to stay put.

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6. Use of Treatment Masks
When purchasing your hydrating treatment, go for products with moisturizing and restorative elements such as shea butter, keratin, and olive oil and avoid products with parabens or silicone.

7. Maintain Good Body Health
Good overall health results in good hair health. Therefore, exercise and eat well balanced meals.

8. Cover Your Hair When Swimming Of Under The Sun
Damaged hair requires additional protection. Therefore, cover your hair when swimming to protect it from chlorine. Moreover, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo after swimming. The same case applies for sun damage. Long exposure to sun can lead to broken ends, dry hair, frizz and even hair thinning.

9. Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo And Conditioner Made For Damaged Hair
This is most probably the most important factor. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner will determine how fast and well your hair will recover. Beware of using water that is too hot, shampooing too frequently and use the right product for your hair type and texture.

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